Sunday, October 9, 2011

N. Albany to Dallas - 60 miles

Our biggest ride this year. Neither of us thought we were ready for this and nearly ditched to ride the trails. The default ride prevailed and we rode. A beautiful, perfect fall day for riding. the wind was nil, the sky was partly cloudy, just enough to be pretty. Temps were comfortable.

Outside of Independence Ron had bicycle noise that couldn't be identified. We finally found the culprit. His rear tire was delaminating...the thin surface was peeling away in one spot. We taped it up with electrical tape and that seemed to do the trick. On to Dallas. We met Jo and Ace outside of Independence. Ace helped with the tire repair.

The return would be over Independence highway. Just outside of Independence Ron had a flat. He sent me on ahead to get the car, if he couldn't get it repaired. That was some of the hardest riding I did, and I managed to finish with the pack - who'd a thunk I could keep up. Well, I cheated, I didn't stop for breaks, so I could shoot ahead, and soon enough everyone caught up. Turns out Ron got the tire repaired, and it wasn't even the bad spot in the tire. He rode most of the way back. I only picked him up a couple miles from Dian's house (the start).

Great ride. I got a taste of pushing hard, and after I recovered, it was kind of fun in a sick sort of way. Hope the feeling passes.

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