Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Corner Cafe - Brownsville Oregon

A couple weeks ago I read a story in the newspaper that there had been a fire at one of my favorite cafes. This past weekend we happened to be driving through Brownsville and saw the devastation for ourselves.
We stopped to read some of the notes left on the plywood covering the windows and doors. Very nearly made me cry reading all the little notes of support.
Our bicycle club often rides to Brownsville to have lunch at the the Corner Cafe. Our last visit was on Oct 22. This is a photo from that day.
October 22, 2011
 Article and photos of the fire in our local paper if you want more of the details.You can see the room above in some of the photos.

A few more images from past rides.
Smaller room off of the courtyard that appears to have the most damage. 12-29-2007.
Dec. 29 2007
Jan. 27, 2010
 I hope they will be able to rebuild.
Thoughts and prayers to the family.

If interested and your in the area, there is a benefit for the family on Dec 9.


  1. I saw that on the news. Although we've never been there I hear it was a great hangout for the locals. Let's hope they rebuild.

  2. That is a shame. It is always sad when a small business gets hit that hard. I hope they were properly insured.

  3. It is indeed a shame. I adore little cafes like that where the service is personal and the food not bland "plastic"

  4. A real bummer. I wish the owners well.

  5. Very sad. It sounds like the main building is still sound. Let's hope they can rebuild.

  6. Its hard for folks to rebuild after something like this with the way the economy is. Sad. I hope the benefit helps them get back to reopening.

  7. Very sad. Hopefully you will be posting about the rebuild sometime in the future.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments.
    I hope they will be able to rebuild. Sounds like it depends on what happens with the insurance. I hate to see these small family businesses disappear from communities. I will update as I hear any news. :)

  9. Certainly a tragedy. Especially for a small business. No way meant to take away from this situation, but the other cafe is run by a rider, too.

    I forget the exact name but I think it's Gary's Main Street or something like that. I had the pleasure of having him as a student a couple of years ago. He hosts a veteran's benefit motorcycle run and wanted to be able to ride with them.

  10. Hi Irondad,
    Yep, we ride to that one too. :)
    I didn't know the motorcycle connection though - Interesting. Bicycle and motorcycle riders seem to know the best places for food!