Friday, November 18, 2011

Meanwhile Back to the Commute

Rain at the start of the day.
Rain at the end. 
And in between?

More rain...
and wind...
and debris.
I think there was about 5 minutes of nice weather tucked in there somewhere.

Wednesday was the big storm day and I took the cage. Thursday was a little tamer, but still wet and windy. I hadn't ridden in stormy weather for a while. Guess it was about time to crawl back on that particular horse. Was it fun? Sometimes, but it was also a little scary, and that's why I ride in bad weather. It keeps that edge off the fear, just a little. The next stormy ride will be a little easier. Eventually it will be exhilarating, the buffeting wind, the crisp air, the patter of raindrops, the crunch of riding over hail... Kidding! I draw the line at frozen crunchy stuff...or frozen stuff of any type.
One from the ride. It was darker than it looks
I managed one dark, blurry snapshot of my ride home on Thursday. Home is that spot just under the darkest cloud in the sky. I saw one other rider that day. I know there were at least a couple others out there somewhere. All the other photos posted today are cheater pics, pulled from the archives or taken from the car. Like I'm going to stop in the middle of a down pour to take a picture

...well...I might.

Tomorrow is bicycling day. Sunday looks to be cold, but dry. Maybe Sam and The Princess will get out for a little ride!


  1. Ewwww..Kari! Doesn't look very inviting.

    Great pictures but you take good care of yourself. Riding in crappy weather can actually be quite enjoyable if you've got good kit on and take it easy.

  2. " . . . that's why I ride in bad weather. It keeps that edge off the fear, just a little." For me there is something very primal about storms. As Geoff mentioned the gear helps, but no matter what, there is no way of escaping being surrounded by something so very much bigger. It moves me. And, when I reach my destination or my stopping point I now I am alive.

    Nice post. Thanks for the share.

  3. On the plus side... it didn't snow. We had first snow on the ground and a hail storm. The 'debris' picture reflects the mood of the day. Like it!

  4. Being in the PNW there are a lot of stormy days that I ride. It's challenging, scary and exhilarating. Once you get geared up properly it's not so bad. Tomorrow I am taking a wet weather riding seminar.

    Love your pictures! The only thing I hate about winter is the grayness of the winter world.

  5. Non-bikers must really question the sanity of bikers, riding in weather like that. We get wet, cold, blown about and we have to dress up in more clothes than almost anyone else would ever consider wearing. We wear things resembling up-turned buckets on our heads. We read about bikes, we watch tv programs about them. We watch bike racing sometimes. At weekends we enjoy nothing better than just going for a ride, on our bikes, often with no particular destination.

    We are an odd lot really.

    It is great, isn’t it..... !

  6. Geoff,
    What is it they say, there's no bad weather, just bad gear. Me, I always take it easy, even when the roads are dry. So much so, that I don't have to alter my riding much when things turn to crap. :)


    Something primal about storms...that's a very apt description! In fact your whole description is spot on. That's exactly how it feels.


    Thanks Sonja,
    Hail was a worry. I didn't run in to any, but Ron said it hailed in Albany. Came down pretty good and covered the ground. Fortunately it was gone by the time I ventured through.

  7. Hi Dar and thanks,
    Agreed on the storms and gear. A class on wet weather riding would be awesome. I've done some classes in good weather, but sometimes it's hard to judge how much to alter my riding when things turn wet.


    Truly, it is great! :)
    I used to feel bad when I'd see a rider out in a storm... now I know better.

  8. Brrr. Hooray for heated grips and hear.

    In June when we rode home from the Triumph Day to Ona Beach ride from Newport in an absolute gully washer. I remember looking up at the sky and shouting "is that all you got?"

    Riding amidst the power of nature is awe inspiring provided we are geared up and there is no frozen crunchy stuff, just like you said.

  9. I don't mind the rain, even a little snow, but those wet leaves scare me! Nice post.

  10. BlueKat:

    I know what you mean about being free but I worry about the wet leaves and gusting winds. Be careful out there.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  11. I hear that snow is approaching. My sister is in the hills west of Corvallis and I'm told that they have snow in their yard.

    It's nice to be able to get out and ride throughout the year. It's almost enough to get me to consider moving south.


  12. Trobairitz,
    lol - be careful shouting to the sky...the rain gods can always find a bigger bucket to dump on us lowly riders. ;)


    Hi Ken,
    Everything scares me, but I still think I'll take leaves over snow. Thanks


    Hi Bobskoot,
    I'm very careful with the leaves. Fortunately they were only in spots, and usually not on curves. That helped. With the wind, I won't ride if it's too strong. So far this week I'm in the car. More wind than I'm prepared to try.


    My web guy at work had snow at his place a few days ago. He's at 1500 ft. Now it's warmed up to the 50's and is practically balmy! In Oregon you can ride (bicycle or motorcycle) year round. I don't do snow sports, so I like being able to do my favorite things all year long.

  13. I agree completely! I'll look out the window at the rain and question if I want to ride or drive. When I do get on the bike in the rain I find it exhilarating. :)

    Glad you ventured out and had a good time.

  14. Kari, you know those days are good for photography :-) Love the leaves on the road.

  15. Hi Lori,
    It's funny, the other day I was discussing this, albeit with fellow bicyclists, that our most memorable rides usually involve bad weather. These are the rides that get remembered and discussed fondly. :)