Monday, December 19, 2011

Dunn Forest Road 400

This is not looking promising...
 This weekend we went in search of new roads and trails unexplored (by us). I had been reading about the 400 road in Dunn Forest.
I was surprised to find the climb quite pleasant. Just enough to be a work out, but not so steep I couldn't enjoy the ride.
There were steep spots.
I walked a few sections, and rested after a few others, but over all the route was rideable.
We passed many roads begging to be explored on another day. We passed a quarry, and a working logging operation. For a short way we had packed gravel, but once we turned on to the 420 we were back to forested roads.
Some areas looked like a natural forest with undergrowth and a variety of trees not usually found in planted sections
Cool old tree
We didn't see another person until we returned to the car at the end. Perfect!
Walking again
Lunch at Togos. Toasted club sanwiches and hot coffee, then off to pester the guys at Peak Sports.

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