Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dunn Forest Road 100 - Exploration

Dunn Forest 100 Road
Finally have a bike computer to track things. Sometimes that's good, sometimes demoralizing (hint: average!). This was a rest day ride, so we spent our time exploring roads found in unexpected places and backtracking on some trails. Nice area, not too hard. Good for recovery or easy fitness rides. And who knows what we may discover when we explore further. We found a muddy little single track to explore. We were going up and eventually tired of the slog, so turned around. When things are dryer we'll try it again, hopefully from the top down. Bike sign on trail; someone has been there. We had a nice little climb at the top. Not too bad, just about right for tired, recovering legs.
Double track that soon turned to muddy single track and a creek crossing
Near the top of the 190
Same scene, different character
More of the same...what can I say, I liked these trees in the mist.
Notes from the route:
For some reason I thought the 100 Road became single track, but it was a gravel road all the way. We left the 140 to explore on another day, but rode the 190. We saw another road or two to be explored in the future. One I suspect may have some single track at the end. We shall see.
7.53 miles of wandering
1.14 hrs
6.11 av
24.66 mx: on a dirt road, Oh My!

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