Thursday, January 5, 2012

Full Rigid

Rockhopper with original fork
I wanted to compare how the Rockhopper rides with the steel fork, so we did a repeat of our last ride down Dan's Trail. The suspension fork that we added a few years back gave up the ghost this fall, and rather than keep the leaky old thing, Ron changed it back to the stock fork. It really makes no difference to the ride and the original looks sharp.
Just a little frosty
Three Sisters (I think)
I wouldn't want to ride a rigid all the time or for very long miles, but dang, it's a kick for an afternoon ride on easy trails!
Dan's trail was a little snotty in spots from the last rains, but most of the trail was perfect for riding. Another good day in Mac Forest.
Dirty Goodness, but the wrong day to use water bottles in cages

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