Friday, February 17, 2012

29/29 - SEVENTEEN: Cecil

When we decided to add motorcycling to our lives we came up with this great idea that a little project bike would be a good way to learn all about motorcycle mechanics. We acquired a cheap basket case from a friend. It was one of those family bikes that had been through a kid or two and ended up stored in the barn to gather rust, dust, and a few bit's of hay. We brought it home where it spent a good deal of time covered with a blue tarp.
Now and then I took photos. Artsy-fartsy kinds of stuff; old, decaying, rusty photos for the most part.
Ron had his hands full with his Suzuki. That would end up being the bike he would learn on. The little Honda really was a lost cause. It had one valuable item...a title, and maybe a few other bits and pieces.
Preserve nature?
Let's get started
Ron acquired another CB200 from a guy at work. This one was in a little better shape, but had no title, and it didn't run.
Bike # 2
I don't remember all the details. Two bikes were stripped down, parts were sorted and scattered and rearranged.
A part from this pile, and a part from that other pile... the end we had Cecil. And he runs!
He's the baby of the family, and looks sort of cute tucked in with the bigger bikes.
Yes indeedy, 4 bikes in a single car garage
(Safety instructors avert your eyes - You'll see no illegal, unsafe behavior here.)
Our daughter, armed with a few basic instructions, took her first motorcycle ride on Cecil. We won't mention the slightly cracked tires that still managed to hold air, or the brakes that almost worked if you coast far enough, no we won't.
Family affair: Little brother was the best at giving rider instructions.
Okay, you can open your eyes again...
Cecil has even answered the call to duty, and served his time as a comuter. The guys at Ron's work wanted to see Cecil, so there really was only one option...take Cecil to work day. Bunch of tough biker guys (some of the leather and Harleys variety) think Cecil is awfully cute. They've invited him back again sometime...
...maybe when he gets some new tires. :)


  1. Cecil is a handsome looking little devil! But then again I am partial to Hondas it seems.

    1. He's a little rough looking, but does seem to pull off the cute factor.

  2. Bluekat:

    I would like to work on a project, Can I borrow Ron for a few months ?

    thank you
    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. If you saw some of his other projects, you might not ask! :)

  3. Franken-bikes are cool. To be able to mix and match and come up with a cute running machine takes talent.

    Four bikes in a one car garage is also a talent. Luckily we didn't have to deal with that too long before we went back down to two.

    1. Yeah, we were kind of surprised this worked. (Kind of???)

      Getting a bunch of bikes in a small garage - easy
      Getting the number of bikes down - little tougher
      Keeping the bike population down - unlikely.

  4. I bow in awe before your in-house mechanic. It's alive... and serving as training wheels for the daughter.

  5. We do have a few projects that turned out ... differently. :)
    As for the daughter, she rode once and that's it. She does ride on back with Dad though.

  6. This is the kind of thing I need to do, as i have no idea when it comes to fixing things.

    1. lol - sometimes it backfires. Somethings turn out well, others, well, back to the drawing board! :)