Thursday, February 16, 2012

29/29 - SIXTEEN: A Blast from the Past II

Continued from yesterday...

Back in Oregon we tried to visit the Oregon caves. The road up there was great training for me. All those curves…I finally picked up a little technique and managed to have a little fun on a few of them. There would be a two-hour wait for the tour, and we wanted to get to Diamond lake that day, so back down the mountain we went. We ate lunch at Michele's family restaurant in Cave Junction. Ron's bike had a fouled plug so before continuing on he picked up a new one and changed it out. This was the hottest day so far, but only really uncomfortable when riding through Grant’s Pass. Scenery was ho-hum after the redwoods.

We found our way over to Hwy 234 then 62 towards Diamond Lake. I love this area. I think maybe sport bike riders must love it too. We saw two different riders pulled over in two separate occasions along this stretch. One poor guy’s posture and sad little wave as he was getting wrote up said it all. We stopped for a short hike to the natural bridge on the Rogue River. 

We bought gas near Diamond Lake before heading up to Crater Lake. It was the most expensive gas on this trip ($5+). I wish I had a photo of the pump. It was something out of the 70’s with those numbers that flip over (and over and over at 5+ a gallon). The north entrance to Crater Lake had just opened up a few days before. This day was the day we finally ran into smoke from the forest fires. Someone told us it had been clear the day before.
Post processed to remove haze.
This is closer to how it really looked.
We took a side trip to see the Pinnacles. The road was full of rocks that had fallen from the cliff face above us. We had lunch at the Lodge before continuing around the rim. It's really getting smoky now.
We met a couple from New Zealand who shipped their Harleys over here for a 3 month tour of the US. They’d been here about two weeks. No pics of the riders…or their bikes. Isn’t that some kind of Motorcycle tour infraction…not photographing all the other bikes you meet? We did get a picture of his boot though. He gave this little fellow a treat who scampered off to enjoy his treat in solitude.
More local wildlife.
More smoke
Last photo on this trip. It was getting so hazy we gave up on any more photos. It was also time to head down off the rim and make our way home. One last shot...


redlegsrides said...

Crater Lake is quite beautiful, nice shots Bluekat!


Redleg's Rides

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SonjaM said...

Brilliant pics. Thank you.

ToadMama said...

Wow, that looks like a trip to remember!

Unknown said...


We did the same route. We went to the top of the mountain from Cave Junction and did the cave tour. No line up for us, I think it was late August, we also went to Crater Lake too and drove the whole Rim Road.

Great Minds think alike. Perhaps we should plan something after IMBC2012, I was thinking of heading south after our weekend.

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Bluekat said...

Thanks everyone,
It was a wonderful trip. My first motorcycle tour, my first visit to the redwoods. I'll always remember it.

Lucky you, you got to visit the cave. My rider/coworker friend has done it and says it's spectacular.