Saturday, February 25, 2012

29/29 - TWENTY FIVE: Rainy Day Shopping

Tonight we are serving up...

new gloves.

Okay, it's a lousy post, but it is moto related. :)
Today, let's just say the weather was as lousy as it can get, cold and windy with rain and snow. Our snow is as wet as our rain, not the pretty fluffy stuff of hallmark cards and ski resort brochures. Ugly, wet smooshy snow. I didn't even bother with a pic.

Instead of bicycling or motorcycling, we opted to go shopping (ugh!) At least it was motorcycle shops and bicycle shops. Now that's shopping I can live with!

First we hung out at Discount Motorcycle in Eugene, where I tried on several jackets. I was well behaved and didn't leave a mess of liners and layers strewn about for the owners to pick up after. I found a pair of thin, unlined gloves that I'd been wanting, and pondered a future jacket purchase. A girl can't have to many gloves or jackets.
One more silly pic
New gloves: something light and simple (makes it easier to grab the camera).

Afterwords we headed to Corvallis to invade the bicycle shops, and were perfect nuisances to all the shop boys there. At least they haven't started locking the doors when they see us coming! I spent a decent portion of my time drooling over my future mtn. bike, while Ron was fixated on the Specialized S-works Tri-bike. $11,000 and it's yours! Such is the stuff of rainy day shopping.


  1. BlueKat:

    I love your PAWS foot table. we have one too. Ours is a double pedestal and splits in half to separate.

    we also had a terrible wind storm up here

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. It was a good day to be shopping. What was up with our weather today? It sure was a bit of everything. We went to coffee then opted to put down more flooring.

    Glad you were able to find some gloves. Steve and Annette seem to have a pretty good selection at Discount Motorcycle Parts.

  3. I agree, a girl can never had enough gear! I am thinking I am going to need a lighter weight jacket for summer. I love my TourMaster Transition, but I think even with liners removed it may be a little toasty. I have yet to purchase some summer gloves and need to do this because my hands were a little too toasty with my waterproof gloves. I am looking at a new helmet too. My pink one is okay, but it doesn't have washable liners and I have grotted it up with make-up from riding home after work. I usually put the make-up on at work in the morning. What type of jacket are you looking at?

  4. Gloves! A never ending story for me. I simply can't find the right ones. I tried discount and expensive but I always return to my old summer gloves...

  5. I need to find a summer jacket, too. An $11,000 bicycle? Ouch. That's more than my motorcycle cost!