Friday, February 24, 2012

29/29 - TWENTY FOUR: Opportunity

I had a window of opportunity today, to go for a ride. The weather report for the weekend is not looking good for us outdoor types. The road called, and Sam answered the call.

There was more of that blue stuff, and a strange warmth to the air.
Wildlife sightings on the road. These two jumped out from some bushes, crossing the road in front of me.
I wandered some of the back roads and found an interesting old barn. Cool cupolas.
Do you see it? The crosswind. It was out of the south and made it feel like Sam was going to slip out from under me. I hate that sensation.
When I pulled into the driveway I noticed some fresh spring sign: The Andromeda is in bloom!
There is rain falling on the roof as I type.


  1. It started out as such a lovely sunny day....and now - that dratted rain.

    I am glad you were able to get out for a ride. It was cloudy and the breeze had started howling by the time I got off work and got my chores done.

  2. Bluekat - looking at a friends picture of a sunny day & riding is almost as good as being out on my bike. Yay you got some sun! Such lovely pictures, watch out for those Bambi's they are unpredictable when hey are roadside.

  3. BlueKat:

    Man, don't rub it in. We had pouring rain all day, like a non-stop hose coming from the sky. tonight freezing again and tomorrow slush with chance of snow flurries, and more heavy frost for sunday, and perhaps more flurries.

    as they say . . . Oregon has the best roads

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Glad you got out. Going by our weather forecast things don't look good for riding for us up here, but at least I can enjoy others riding in blue skies.
    When I was riding my beemer I hated the crosswinds, because it felt like the bike is being kicked away under your butt. Fortunately the Harley doesn't have that issue...

  5. Lovely shots. I'm glad you got out for a ride. That barn is way cool. I have never seen cupolas like that.

  6. Beautiful scenery glad you had the chance to enjoy it while it lasted. Looks like you have spring in sight for sure!