Sunday, February 26, 2012

29/29 - TWENTY SIX: A ride to the snowy top.

The cold and rain have continued from yesterday, but at a much calmer rate. Ron wanted a quick ride just to spin out a little and work out the kinks in his legs. I wanted to ride up to Dimple Hill from the Oak Creek side as there is a small section we have yet to ride. This will finish out the total route for us.

We started at busy Oak Creek trail head. No matter what the weather, the trail head is always busy with hikers, dogs, bikes and runners.It's a steady but easy climb for about 3.5 miles. The bad thing about the weather conditions is the extremes from being too hot when climbing to freezing when descending or stopped.  Our turn around point was at the big intersection just short of the top. We hadn't planned to ride all the way to the viewpoint, and we were wet and cold, ready to be back in the car. Shortly before arriving at the top we hit a skiff of snow. None on the road, but you could find it along the hillsides and just off the trail.
It's official, we rode in snow...I can justify that Snow bike now!

Thankfully the ride back down is very quick. The only downside was I lost my safety glasses, and had to descend with no eye's to mud in your eye!


  1. Bluekat:

    No wonder you're cold, Ron has full pants on, you only have those flimsy pedal-pushers and your skin is exposed. Didn't you bring your rain pants ?

    you are brave to ride in the ice & snow

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. You are an energetic one, aren't you? I bet it feels good to get out and pedal among such scenery. The mossy trees are cool. And love the action photos.

  3. Dear Bluekat:

    My days of riding a bicycle are far behind me, but I can certainly appreciate the desire to get out into the countryside on two wheels. When I lived in the Adirondacks, this was the time between seasons... And I'd be counting the days until the trout would start hitting again.

    So, how far did you actually ride in snow?

    Fondest regards,

  4. Brrr. That does look cold.

    Good for you guys getting out and riding despite in the weather.

    I'm with Bobskoot - where are the rest of your pants, lol.

  5. You are an amazing couple. It looks pretty cold up there, but you don't look at all dressed up for that, you tough cookie.
    Bummer, losing the glasses. I always carry spare glasses on my motorcycle (actually I have spare glasses everywhere... in the car, in my purse, even in some jackets ;-)