Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunshine Commute

Days like this in early march are few and far between. This was a must ride day.
Blue skies and green fields
 Note the time. I'm on my way to work, but it's really 8:16. I never changed the time last fall. Partly because I'm lazy, but also because I like the small connection to daylight savings time. (If I leave it, it will come - a "field of dreams" kind of thing).

The flowering plum didn't bloom for February, but a few blossoms are peaking out for March.

I'm glad I rode. We've had two good days of weather, but we have another 7 (or 8, or 9) wet, nasty days coming up. Sigh.


  1. BlueKat:

    how lucky you are. We had an inch of rain today. Heavy, pouring rain all day with rivers of water all over the ground. no riding for us. It looks like Spring where you are.

    also I envy you and your late start time. I have to be on the road by 7am, so many days the frost has not yet melted.

    I wished they would just leave the time at DST all year around

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bobscoot
      It was spring-like that day. Today we have snow again - grrrr!!

  2. Just think, your bike's clock will be right on time tomorrow.

    Pretty plum blossoms. I haven't seen any around here yet.

    Hooray for sunny commutes. The weather this week has been awesome. I even got out and mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon. Had to use the highest setting, the grass was so long.

    Probably would have been fun to be out riding.

    1. Hi Trobairitz,
      ... and now we're back to wet, slushy snow. :(

  3. Dear BlueKat:

    Daffodils can be confused... But the I'd say the flowering plum is a sign of things to come. It was cold here today on the New Jersey shore, in the high 30's (f), but it is expected to hit the high 60's for Saint Patrick's Day. That's fine with me.

    Happy Trails,
    Twisted Roads

    1. Hi Jack
      I'm afraid we're going to be stuck with low 40's and nasty old rain for St. Patrick's day. If the daffodils are smart they'll just stay tucked in for another month around these parts.

  4. Very nice pictures, especially the flowering tree. I have never reset the clock on my truck yet, just lazy and never really saw a good reason. Maybe I'll reset it today so it'll be wrong again tomorrow. We are at a very springlike 0F today but very sunny and clear.

    1. Hi Richard,
      lol - I think a lot of clocks just get left, especially in these modern times of digital clocks. It get tiresome changing them all. Fortunately the most current models seem to set themselves automatically.

      ...a springlike 0F - lolol. Almost makes me feel better about our weather...almost :)

  5. I am enjoying this Oregon rain break...well, I was...I think it's over. :( But, at least I got in a couple rides as well! Wonderful pics!!!

    1. Thanks Jess,
      Yep, definitely over. This morning the news reporter mentioned that spring break is coming up, so of course the weather will be terrible now!

  6. Aahhh...such a perfect looking day. Glad that you were able to get out and enjoy it. We finally had a beautiful weekend surrounded by rain. Nice that it was finally on our side. :)

  7. Beemergirl
    Nice that you had your sunshine on the weekend. That's as it should be! :)
    We gotta take advantage of the sunshine on these all to rare occasions it peeks out from behind the clouds!