Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sam wanted a new look.

So we got out some spray paint and...

You know how it is: A rainy day project. And we've had a lot of rainy days for projects!

Okay, yes, it's photoshopped. My rainy day project was to go through some online tutorials to sharpen up the skills and this was one of the results. Silly yes? On the other hand the technique has some useful applications for work that I look forward to implementing on a future project.
Blending with hue and saturation tutorial.

My last post showed our plum tree beaten down from the snow. Three or four limbs were split open and two were broken. Ron had other concerns about the tree as well. All and all she was a sad little tree. Well, due to Troubadour's recommendation we sought out an arborist for advice on how to proceed. Long story short, the plum will survive. Rides a bike, wears a kilt, and saves trees in one fell swoop - Thanks Troubadour!
Eric Wiggins from ATS Arborist Services checked over the tree, removed the broken limbs and trimmed back others. It was a severe pruning (about 35% of the tree). I thought it would make the tree pretty lopsided, but frankly he did a bang up job shaping what remained. It is a little thin on one side, but it should eventually fill in. Very happy that our tree will survive. She's already weathered another wind storm with no issues.

Nothing special to report over the weekend. Did some shopping, one short but wet ride by bicycle, and basically mucked about the house doing little chores. I'm hoping that this coming week will see me back on the motorcycle....the one that is still green. Cheers!


  1. With your Photoshop skills, can we believe any photo you post from now on? Nice job on the tree. (Assuming the tree or it's flowers really exist...)


  2. Photoshop or not purple and blue swirls isn't a bad look for Sam. :)

    Following Richards lead...the tree looks good...but was the snow even real? Hehe

    1. It's her tie-dye hippy look :)
      UGH! the snow was all too real! :(

  3. Nice Photoshopping! If it were a real paint job I would immediately bring down my scooter.
    I am glad to hear the plum tree will recover. Good job.

    1. Thanks Sonja,
      Trust me, you wouldn't want me anywhere near your scooter with a paint can. I can draw, but I sure can't paint!

  4. Groovy looking bike, I love the photoshop paint job, that's very creative.
    Thank you for the mention, I am just glad you were able to save the tree, it takes a long time for a tree to grow that large and it would've been a shame to lose it. Good for you.

    1. Thanks Brad, I really mean that.
      Ron had been worried about a crack in the trunk and was considering taking down the tree even before the snow damage. We hadn't thought about getting an expert opinion, just thought it was a lost cause. The crack was just a a surface issue, and nothing to worry about. We also picked up a few tips that should make for happier trees.

      Did I ever mention it's tough to be a plant in our yard? :)

  5. blueKat:

    Actually, Sam looks good in that colour. Then you would have to change the colour of all your riding gear to match.

    Glad your tree survived, just a bit skinny right now

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. lol - I'd have to find swirly blue crocs!

  6. Nice job with the photoshopping. Interesting color combination. I think you like rocking the green better although both would turn heads.

    Can we just call Troubadour the Lorax? He speaks for the trees. :-)

    1. Okay! Lorax it is! :)

      Although the bright green belies my desire to blend in rather than stand out, I have to say I'm partial to the green.

  7. Dear BlueKat:

    If you hadn't told me it was PhotoShopped, I would have been impressed to death. Regarding the plum tree: There is something about plum trees that draws compassion and other emotions. I'm deligted you managed to save the tree. My dad tried to raise a plum tree in Jersey City. He got one plum on it, which some kid stole.

    Fondest regards,