Saturday, September 15, 2012

A change of Seasons

Try as I might I cannot come up with a blog post that inspires me. Me thinks my muse has gone vacationing somewhere. We are still having some summer weather, but the mornings are cooler and there are signs of changing season. Only one more week of summer. I think perhaps it's going to be a nice fall.
The morning commute. The roads aren't always empty. I'm just more likely to shoot photos when I'm not sharing the road with others. The grass fields are all plowed under. In the afternoon dust devils abound.
Main Street, Jefferson. You can barely see the flashing yellow light up ahead. Yep it's school season once again. It's a merry dance requiring perfect timing to avoid getting behind a stopped bus. 
Drat! Missed.
I've been wanting a picture of some sunflowers on my route. This was my first attempt at capturing them on the fly. Fail. Just one tiny corner caught on the edge of the photo. I'll try again in the afternoon.
Blurry, but I got the sunflowers. :)
Last weekend we stopped in Corvallis for dessert and a little stroll around town. No pics of either the dessert or the stroll. We spotted a tiger on our way home. Not sure if it was our own Troubadour, or some other tiger out hunting twisty roads or some nice dirt trails....or perhaps a wheat field  to prowl.
Stalking A Tiger
My last two morning commutes this week have been shared with a couple of balloons. Today I tried for some pics, but this fellow kept hiding behind the butte. I swear he'd drop down every time I pulled out the camera. Notice the hazy skies? Remember those plowed fields earlier? Dirt and wind have made the air terribly dusty right now.


I finally got him to come out from his hiding place, floating over a nearby farm. Pretty scene if that road sign hadn't blocked the view. Ignore the sign...I always do. ;)


  1. what I don't like is the overhead wires that sneak into my pictures.... :)

    Looks like some nice weather for you guys.


    1. Hi Dom,
      lol- Yes, I hate those wiley wires! and they're everywhere.

  2. Sorry, that tis not I, yet it isn't Andy or Jim either. However elusive those Tigers are, I do believe I recognize that is Hwy 34 (eastbound) in front of Wood Castle. Thanks for the consideration and photos.
    I'm fighting autumn regardless of what Starbucks says with their pumpkin spice lattes.

    1. Troubadour
      Yep, hwy 34. So yet another Tiger lurks about the place. :)

      Pumpking spice lattes...enjoyed outside in the indian summer sunshine - perfect! This is my kind of far anyway.

  3. Great pictures Kari.

    Kind of an odd time of year isn't it? I won't complain about the beautiful sunny weather though the years could do with some rain.

    1. Hi Brandy,
      yeah, I know we need some rain...but I'm still not ready yet. Want more sunshine, but I am ready for the hot weather to go away. Sunny and crisp, that's the ticket!

  4. The autumn is definitely prevalent in these pictures. Although we might be able to drag out the riding season for a bit, it is inevitably coming to an end. Kinda sad, but yet fall is my favorite season due to the special light, which you have captured so brilliantly.

    1. Hi Sonja,
      Thanks. Today I was out doing errands and I'm seeing even more fall color tinting the trees.

  5. I always enjoy seeing photos of Oregon! The "you are there" shots are always special. Thanks for the ride.

    1. Thanks Martha,
      I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

  6. Kari,
    I sure wish I could come up with such a good post when I was "uninspired".

    I, too, like the "you are there" photos.

    We just had the big hot air balloon race here in St. Louis. It is a very big deal every year. Must be the season.

    1. Thanks, Keith
      I didn't think it was good at all, I almost didn't post it, but I had nothing else, so I went with it. :)

  7. I was reading along enjoying your post and smirked with laughter at your last line. Love it!!

    I think the balloon is photoshopped...hehe. Just kidding. I'm glad you kept trying, and succeeded. I usually hem and haw until it is too late.

    1. Hi Lori
      lol - I didn't know if anyone would catch that or not :)

  8. Dear BlueKat:

    These is something about coming across a balloon in flight that just grabs the imagination. The term "flights of fancy" seems inspired by balloons. I like your shadow in the other picture too.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisated Roads

    1. Hi Jack,
      I agree, it's always fun to see the balloons. They're so cheerful.
      I didn't notice my shadow in the pic...I'll have to go look.

  9. Those hot air balloons are pretty sneaky. They must have seen you waiting with a camera and tried to hide. On one balloon excursion, the pilot skimed the surface of a lake just enough to get everyones shoes wet.

  10. Hi Richard,
    I thought of you when I saw the balloons this week. I figured the air must be just right for them now to out in the mornings. The balloon skimming the lake would make an awesome photo. (If I ever go up in one I'll be sure to wear my waterproof shoes!)

  11. BlueKat:

    Now you're Talking. Skimming the water in the balloon, perfect for me.

    take it easy snapping those "rolling" photos. I can picture you riding one handed and it scares me

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube