Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not a Bad Start to Autumn

Not much motobloggery this week. A little fog one morning, but it was fleeting. Another morning I nearly donned the heated jacket. I have one cold area to ride through. It has it's own little micro-climate and is always a few degrees cooler than anywhere else. It was the coolest morning so far, but, it's still September and I'm not really ready to plug in just yet.
Bad shooting at the sun photo. Mist across the fields.
The fog bank that faded away to nothing.
On Friday Sam took me to Albany to pick up bird litter. (She was a bit indignant to be hauling litter.) The return trip was supposed to be the long way home with photos. Instead it was a bug in the eye and the quickest route home.

The Ninja air stream has a propensity to launch bugs directly into my face, past the tiniest openings of my faceshield, and whip them around behind the lenses of my glasses. Perhaps this was Sam's payback for hauling bird litter. No damage done, but my eye was scratchy and sensitive and I didn't feel much like riding after that.


On Saturday Ron and I slept in and missed our club ride, so we opted for something closer to home and later in the morning.
Valley Ride
Looking for Autumn
I was hoping for more fall color, but it's still rather subdued. The dust devils were whirling away across the valley floor. Nice when it's a tailwind. Not so nice fighting headwinds. On this day we'll have both.
Valley Ride
Dust devils
Hazelnut Orchard. I could hear nuts falling in there. At least, I hope it was nuts!
Valley Ride

We stopped for an espresso at a lovely spot with a waterfront view.
Valley Ride
Espresso time!
Our less than spectacular espresso
Valley Ride
Um, that's not quite what I meant!
Our even less than spectacular waterfront view. :)
Valley Ride

I just can't end it with a picture of a ditch. Here,s a little nicer scene from earlier in the day.
Valley Ride
All that's missing is a nice little pumpkin patch!


  1. Nice last pic.....

    Too bad about the bug hit in the eye....


  2. I really enjoyed this post. Love the photos and the feel of being right there with you. When I lived in Corvallis there was a huge pumpkin patch at the end of our street in a field. I'll just remember that when I look at this post!

  3. BlueKat:

    We also had a great Autumn weekend. Warm during the day but cool when the sun went down. Some leaves are turning yellow.

    Hope you got all the bug bits out of your eye. Maybe you can get a slightly higher windshield to direct the air higher ? Sitting in the sun and doing nothing is as good as riding

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  4. Glad you've been out for rides, on both bikes. Bummer that Sam is throwing bugs in your eyes though. Funny how they can get through those tiny cracks.

    I am surprised we haven't seen more fall color around the valley yet, soon I imagine it will happen and be over in a flash.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. LOL, you just made my day with the espresso and water view. Hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Thanks everyone,
    The eye was fine by the next day. Can't say the same for the bug! :)

    My windshield is already taller than the stock one. I've even thought of adding a laminar-lip. Oh well, soon enough I'll only have to worry about raindrops hitting me.

  7. Dear BlueKat:

    I can't imagine how you are getting bugs in your eyes past your face shield. I have a Nolan helmet and the face shield closes like an airlock. The one time I got a moth in it was when the damn thing walked up my neck.

    Your pictures of the early fall are great. I miss being out in it. But I swear I will never have another year like this one. Your concept of expresso and mine are two entirely different things, though.

    Fondest regards,

    1. Hi Jack,
      I swear bugs can get past the tiniest of openings. I have the same problem with my mesh jacket. Little buggers just squeeze through the mesh...and it's always something that bites or stings!

      Thank you for the compliment. Sometimes life socks us a good one doesn't it. I hope next year brings you new beginnings and new adventures.

      ...and espresso that doesn't come from a tube! (Oh heck, there are things much better things than espresso to wish for!)

  8. LOL, great post. I love the dust devils pic! And that last one, too.

  9. Great perspective on the day. I particularly enjoyed the "espresso" next to the "waterfront". Those tend to be mine kind of days sometimes too. Just makes the proper waterfront sweeter. ;)