Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peoria Road and the Mennonite Bakery Ride

A perfect fall day for a ride. Sunny and cool, with a sweet tailwind out to the bakery (and a nasty headwind upon return).

Peoria Road
Mennonite Bakery - this is the best ride!
Satiated Riders
We stopped for cookies, donuts or cinnamon rolls (take your pick). Ron and I opted to split a cinnamon roll. I managed one quick pic half way through the roll. Sticky, sugary, goodness!
Sorry, half eaten. But oh so good!
Some riders headed back to Corvallis. We stayed with the main group to ride more backroads, but left them before getting to Shedd (lunch stop). Chuck, Ron and I skipped lunch for a quick return to Corvallis. We all had errands to attend in the afternoon.

After the ride Ron and I stopped by the Peak Sports to get an opinion on my seatpost. I had noticed a rough/bumpy spot that didn't seem right and I wanted a professional opinion.
Cracked seatpost
Yes it's cracked, you should replace it. We can order you a new one. I was also given a stern lecture from the mechanic kid on how not to overtighten the seatpost! This with a roll of the eyes, shaking of the head, and heavy sighs of exasperation! Something about torque and some weird numbers....something, something....whatever.

I tried to talk Ron into just rolling a new bike under my saddle (The salesstaff wholeheartedly agreed with me), but Ron would have none of that. Drat!

40.96 mi
2:48 tm
14.62 av
20.54 mx
4847 odo


  1. AW Ron:

    come'on, go for a new bike for Kari, you know she's worth it . . . What good is a new seatpost on that "OLD FRAME", the parts won't match.

    don't forget that she gave you half of that delicious Cinnamon bun when she didn't have to

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    1. Bobskoot
      lol - I told Ron what you said. He just laughed and said you were causing trouble! :)

  2. A ride to the Mennonite Bakery. I try to convince Oilburner to do that. Ours is about 200 miles away. So it won't be on the pedal bikes. ;)

    Ya know...a new bike would be lighter...just saying...hehe

    1. Lori
      I agree. 200 miles is for motoring, not pedaling :)
      But the bakery is a worthy destination!

  3. Yumm! Loretta sure knows how to bake doesn't she? We used to ride down there after saturday coffee for a sweet treat.

    1. Brandy
      Yes, yes she does! It was like a sugar overdose in soft gooey goodness. Ron mostly tries to be gluten free. He failed in that effort on our ride. He said it was worth it!

  4. Love this, "Something about torque and some weird numbers....something, something....whatever." You had me right there with you. Thanks for the bringing me a smile.

    1. Keith
      lol - I actually have used a torque wrench on the ninja. Don't know about numbers, pounds, what have you, Ron just said to go til it clicks. That was easy. Who needs all this pounds per something nonsense!

      He also said that wasn't the torque wrench I would use on my seatpost...more mumbo-jumbo about pounds and pressure...or something. Apparently my 'wrenching' days are over!

  5. Time to give up on all that high tech carbon fiber junk and go back to chrome moly and aluminum....

    I'm sure you could find a new 40 lb bike after all it's about the exercise, right?

  6. Hi Richard,
    Actually I have a chrome-aloy bike. Two really. Ron sez I need to learn to let go of my old bikes, but they're my babies and I can't let any of them go. One is a hybrid turned tourer, turned gravel bike. I don't know her weight, but she is a beast to get up a hill!

    1. I still have the touring bike I built back in the late 70's. All these component manufacturers I don't hear about anymore. (Phil Wood, Avocet, Campagnola, Mafac, etc.) Even 48 spoke tandem wheels. All with over 25K trouble free miles...

      I'm told that I should just get a modern bike but I just can't get myself to do it. Too many miles with this old bike.

  7. 25k - Nice! So what bike do you have? I bet she's a sweet ride. A lot of long-distance riders still prefer steel bikes/relaxed geometry. I love a classic lugged steel road bike.

    I know at least one guy who uses Phil Wood hubs on his touring bikes. He rode the red tandem on our Ochoco tour. Campy has a faithful following, though Shimano & Sram seem to be the common ones now.

  8. Dear BlueKat:

    I think you should get a new bike too. What the hell, you had the sugary treat at his suggestion. He might as well follow yours.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads