Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Washington Hike

As you can probably tell from this post, we are in Seattle. Still battling Leukemia, but we have been moved up to the "big dogs" at Seattle Cancer care alliance. Still doing chemo, still waiting for a remission that will last.
I found a little path the other day and came back to explore a little further. I can't recall the official name of the path or the arboretum where it originates, but it's on the western shore of Lake Washington. (Maybe it's just Lake Washington Arboretum ... as good a guess as any.)
I found it by following the path along the Montlake cut.
Montlake Cut
Trailhead to Marsh Island
The trail passes through two islands via footbridges and floating walkways.
As you can tell, the waterway and island sit practically under the 520 highway. I kind of like the juxtoposition of manmade road works and natural settings. It's noisy though. I would love to explore by kayak!
Marsh Island pathway
Lake Washington Pan. Click for larger view
Foster Island and Husky Stadium
Floating walkway
I hiked for about a half-hour before turning back. There are still miles of trails to be explored, but thats for another time.


  1. Some beautiful photos though it would've been nice to be there under better circumstances. The floating bridge to Marsh Island looks pretty cool as do all of the lily pads.

  2. Looks like quite the sedate setting for a walk Kari....hope things the new treatment creates a permanent remission of the cancer.

  3. What a beautiful pathway to find in the city.

    Sure wish you were in Seattle for a happier occasion though.

    Sending good and positive thoughts to you, Ron and Rachel.

  4. I thought I had left a message. So let me say again or now, I'm sending best wishes for you all.