Monday, March 17, 2014

Discovery Park

After clinic on Saturday it was just too nice to stay inside. Nice being cloudy, crisp, with rain coming our direction. Only someone from the PNW would call that a nice day. We headed over to Discovery Park to check out the lighthouse. Rachel and I had found the park earlier this week, but it was dark by the time we drove there. This was a chance to return in daylight to take in the views.
Looking back toward Seattle
West Point Lighthouse
Camera wars on the trail
Old buildings
West Point Lighthouse
Cool Architecture
The rain we spotted across the sound finally came inland and chased us back to the car.
Update: Between infections and other fun medical stuff we are still working on getting to transplant. Next step is an experimental/trial chemo that sounds promising for AML, but is still in the trial stage. Here's hoping for a sucessful remission.


  1. Beautiful photos! And really like the color contrasts on the last one. I hope the next treatment is successful. Does being in "trial" mean promising experimental?

  2. I hope the fresh ocean breeze did good for you all. Keeping my fingers (and toes) continually crossed for a successful remission.

  3. Beautiful area and photos...wish you had sunshine this day.

    Good to read the update and love to you all.

  4. Kari:

    I'm glad that Ron made it up there and that you could all be together for a family outing. I've never been to that lighthouse. Was it possible to go inside, or was it closed ?

    Fingers crossed that this experimental treatment is successful

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Best of luck with that drug trial! Great second pic....

  6. Lighthouses and gray days go together for me. Perhaps it is all the fog and gray skies from growing up in a State with the Great Lakes on three sides.

    How I wish things were going smoother in the treatment! I'm glad to here the hopeful note at the end of your post. Yes, may there be "a successful remission."