Sunday, January 4, 2015

McDonald Forest First Hike of 2015

Misty hike in Mac Forest.  Up the 600 and back down Extendo Trail. Plenty of hikers, runners, dogs and mtn bikers heading for their favorite trails.
 It's our first time in the forest since the storm a few weeks ago. There were areas with a lot of limbs and debris, and other spots where whole trees stretched down slopes and across the trail. Forest staff and volunteers have been busy with the clean up, but we had to scramble over a few downed trees.

Love Mac Forest.


  1. Happy New Year to you and Ron!

  2. There is something mystic about fog in the trees isn't it? We also had quite a storm two nights ago, lots of debris on the road from broken branches and trees, and some forest trails closed. Looks like your trail has already been cleaned up for public.

    1. So true Sonja. There is something magical being in the forest on a foggy day. Everywhere else the fog annoys me, but in the woods, mountains, or at the ocean it's special. Storms are dramatic, but they sure leave a mess to clean up.

  3. Nice!! Glad you got out for a hike.

    We did this on Christmas Day. Parked at Lewisburg Saddle and took the 610 down and around and ended up on the Dan's Horse Connector took the switchbacks of Upper Dan's Trail up to the viewpoint then the 600 back down the 2 miles to the car. It was about 5 miles round trip. Man we were glad to see the heated seats of the Subaru.

  4. Hi Brandy,
    That's one we do often on the bikes, except we go down Dans and ride to the connector trail - 610 or something like that. It also returns to the saddle, but can have water crossings when there's lots of run-off. I would be very tempted to go hiking on Christmas, but the fam would never allow it. (I'm something of a scrooge-grinch-bah humbug kind of gal with regards to holidays) :)

  5. I like the middle photo. I can easily imagine stepping over the log and walking into the fog and finding myself in an enchanted nother world.

    Been sort of out the loop lately and need wish you a Happy New Year. May it be filled with only delightful surprises.