Sunday, April 19, 2015

Canyon Lands and Arches National Parks

Sunday at the Parks
It was a perfect day to visit Canyon Lands and Arches National Parks. Roger and May have visited before, but this was my first visit. I have to go back again sometime. Gorgeous!

Well worth the added mileage and time, but we did arrive to our next destination late in the evening.


  1. Been there thrice, and still wanting more. Awesome pics!!!

  2. It looks beautiful. We're loading up for a 13 day tour of Southern Utah, leaving on the 28th of May. If you seen any, "must see" places, I would appreciate sharing. We have a pretty full itinerary, but never been there and sometimes you see things that are not in the tour books.

  3. Thank you Sonja and Don
    Don, I don't have any must see places as we barely had time to more than a quick drive by and a few short hikes. Both locales were spectacular and we barely scratched the surface. I don't think you will be disappointed in S. Utah. :)