Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 4: Near White Springs, Florida

Another perfect day of riding in northern Florida. No humidity today. The skies were blue with a few pretty clouds. There was a little wind, but it felt nice and wasn't too strong. One of those perfect days were nothing goes wrong and there is nothing to complain about. Leaves less to write about, but more to enjoy. It was also a short day with only about 31 miles travelled. After we settled into our rooms, Ace, Jo, and I drove Bill back to his car in Gainsville as today was his last day of riding. We also did some shopping and some errands before returning to our motel for the evening. Just a few pics and nothing more!

May and Bill

Roger, May, and Bill
31 sweet miles


  1. That first photo says it all. Beautiful riding area...

    When is Ron coming out?

  2. Hooray for a nice riding day with no issues.

  3. good weather is always welcome when on two wheels.....

  4. Thanks Brandy and Dom.
    Richard - Ron is joining us hopefully the last part of June, somewhere in Wyoming, but it may be as late as Sandpoint later in July. He doesn't have vacation time for more, and he has to make arrangements for a new roof as well.