Friday, May 15, 2015

Aliceville to Columbus Mississippi

May 14
Aliceville to Columbus

Another milestone, another state under our belts. We crossed into Mississippi today. 

We left Alabama on highway 14 which was relatively quiet, had a small shoulder and a rumble strip. Traffic was able to pass around us with relative ease, so the riding was decent. It was also a short ride day. 

Truck traffic turned off our road at Pickensville for the most part, and traffic became quite light after that. Most of our riding the past few days has been through forested lands. A lot of lush green trees, a few logging clearings, and the occasional rural house. It can be pleasant riding, but the scenery doesn’t change much. 

We entered Mississippi and not long after that we were to the town of Columbus. We had several miles of commercial district, nothing to see here. We had one detour that put us off route for a couple of miles, but took us through a poorer, mostly black neighborhood. The area was quite lively with people sitting out in front of their homes, chatting with neighbors, and saying hi to the strange bicyclists passing by. It was an interesting detour, though we finished up on a busy road that took us to our motel. 

They don’t seem to believe in sidewalks in Columbus ( and a few other places too). At lunch we saw kids walking in the grass along a busy 4-lane street. A place designed for auto traffic only. 

Lunch was at McAlister’s Deli. Pretty good food. Southern cooking is fantastic, but sometimes you need a break with some lighter fare. Roger and May needed to replace the tires on their car, so after lunch they were off to locate some good tires. 

37 miles
991 ele ft
11.8 average
Highway 14. No shoulder due to rumble strip, but light traffic, so okay.
Typical rural home 
More wildflowers
Entering Mississippi
Pretty yard with some grapevines.
People don't seem to plant flowers around here. Very few homes have them
Ever present rumble strip 
Jo and Roger waiting to regroup 
More of highway 14/69


  1. I bet those rumble strips wake you up when you stray onto them huh? Remain wary....and safe riding!

    1. Rumble strips are very effective that way! :)
      Trying to be a safe as we can.

  2. Woohoo, Welcome to Mississippi.

    I think any time we travel we get tired of heavy food. I can see that being especially true in the south. At least you're burning off all those calories.

    1. The food tastes great, but oh my, can't eat that way all the time, even when burning extra cals!

  3. Beautiful photos, so green! Bicycle touring is such a wonderful way to see the country.

    1. Thank you Richard. Yes it is. Much like you how we get so much more out of it when motorcycling, bicycling is that much more. Very time consuming though.