Saturday, May 16, 2015

Amory to Belmont (Tishomingo State Park)

Amory-Belmont / Tishomingo State Park May 16 Rainy start this morning. It was warm and really just a mist, so not bad at all. We took neighborhood streets out to the highway. Traffic was light.
Leaving Amory
Eight or so miles down the road we came to Smithville. Roger spotted Mel’s Diner and suggested a second breakfast. No cinnamon rolls at Mel’s but we had biscuits and eggs with coffee, so that was pretty good.

A local man came up to our table, introduced himself and told us that Smithville had been hit by a tornado some years ago. The diner, school, and several churches were destroyed, and 16 residents died. That’s a pretty big impact on a small community, and as a community they rebuilt their little town. He told us we would pass the high school that has a domed gym that also serves as a storm shelter for the town. A poignant story.
Smithville High School
We continued on along hwy 25 until we came to Clay Tilden Road. We could follow hwy 25 to Fulton for lunch, or take the back road and eat from our bags. Still full from second breakfast, we opted for backroads.

Clay Tilden Road. Lovely backroad with some hills, and a few dogs. Most ran out to chase us and then didn’t know what to do with us after that. One sad little dog seemed to be paralyzed in the back end as he dragged himself along with his front legs only.

Back to 25 now a four-lane divided, but almost no traffic. We had the right lane to ourselves. Eventually it went back to a two lane highway. Traffic was still relatively light, but picked up as we neared Belmont.
Four lane divided highway we had practically to ourselves at times. 
Typical two lane road
News from May - no place to stay in Belmont. The motel is full. We gathered at Belmont’s Subway for lunch and started looking for other lodging. Roger and May found Tishomingo State Park had cabins a few miles up the road. It sounded ideal, and they had a cabin available. It is near the Natchez Trace.

It was pretty much decided that we would shuttle our bikes to the park. It was only about 9 more miles, but we would drive it instead.
Tishomingo State Park
Tishomingo State Park is a lovely park just off the Natchez Trace. The cabin is described as two rooms, but in reality has a living area with dining table and a kitchen along one wall. A nice size bathroom with shower, fireplaces in the living area and the sleeping area which had two double beds. The living room has a sleeper sofa. What more did we need?. The cabin looks to be from the era of the CCC. It’s charming. We’ve stayed in cabins several times now, and I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but they have all been air conditioned.
Living Room
Dining area and Kitchen 
The better view
Tishomingo State park is full of hiking trails. We found one nearby that was about two miles long and featured a swinging bridge, little waterfalls, and magnificent rock outcroppings. Apparently it’s a playground for rock climbers. For us it was a lovely hike.
Swinging bridge. It looked original (old).

Bear Creek
Roger and May
Outcropping Trail
Bubbling spring
Bear Creek 
Cypress knees
At one point Roger took me on the back screened porch and said, just look, pointing out to the bushes beyond. Pretty soon I saw them. Little twinkling lights. Fireflies! How cool is that! My first fireflies. :)

As evening rolled around we heard thunder and saw some lightening. It wasn’t long before rain was falling. Might be a wet start tomorrow.


  1. Great photos of the water and rock formations framed in greenery! As to the cabin, rather nicely appointed! As to seeing fireflies for the first time, kind of magical huh?

  2. This is WONDERFUL. What a great place to visit, explore, and stay in. Fireflies already! That's deep summer stuff up here.

  3. I think that I'd be looking for more cabins. Pretty nice!