Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Camden to Demopolis - 5/12/15

May 12

Today was a long day of riding, but we had a break in the hot weather, and we had less climbing, so all in all it wasn't too bad. Temps did reach into the 90s by the end, but for most of the day we had 80s and high 70s. Humidity was high. There were clouds in the sky and occasionally a sprinkle of rain. I was worried about the distance, but it turned out to be okay.

The roads today were quite nice. The shoulder was narrow with a rumble strip, but traffic was light, and people slowed and passed with good distances. Extremely courteous drivers all - cars, pickups- and the big trucks.  A very pleasant day

Crossing the Alabama River was probably our lowest elevation of the day. We had been gently descending. They called it the river, but we were upstream from a dam, so lake or reservoir would have been a better description. Very wide. It's always fun to stop on top of these bridges. Great views.

Somewhere along the way we had our first turtle rescue. Roger saw a turtle in the road and watched as a car drove over it without smashing it. He got the turtle to the side of the road. I was up the road aways and hadn't seen it, but I came back for a pic. Mr. turtle was well hidden in his shell.

Lunch was in Linden at a cute little restaurant called The Whistle Stop. It had a train theme with some hand-crafted wooden trucks scattered about the place. The booths were made out of wooden benches - a little hard to sit on, but quaint. Lunch special for three of us was the pulled pork, baked beans, and potato salad. Servings were huge, and we ended up packing half of it to our motel for dinner that evening. Delicious - for those of you back home, think Bo Macks.

We continued on. The roads and traffic continued to be exceptional, though the temperature was starting to heat up a bit. We made it to Demopolis around 2:30. Some road construction to maneuver around, then were at the motel. Dinner was leftovers, and later Ace, Jo, and I walked over to Burger King for ice cream treats.

63 miles by Roger's reconing
1600 ft gain
Alabama River (Reservoir) 
Turtle rescue
J & K Whistle Stop 

Wildflowers - not the best example, but the only ones I captured today


  1. What a great day, the heat doesn't sound like much fun though.

    I like the blog header pic too..

  2. Thanks Brandy,
    Thankfully it's cooled off to some pleasant temps, maybe even some rain in the next few days.

  3. The whistle stop sounds like my kind of diner. Trains are fun...

    1. You would definitely enjoyed it. :)