Saturday, May 16, 2015

Columbus to Amory, MS

May 15

We did the mad dash from Columbus this morning on narrow roads amidst the morning commuters, trucks, and school buses. This seems to be routine when leaving town. It wasn’t long before we crossed hwy 45 where much of the traffic turned off. We continued straight along a quieter back road past some lovely, large homes.
Quiet neighborhood outside of Columbus
We turned back onto a highway, but traffic was not so crazy as it was in town. We crossed the Tennessee-Tombigee waterway.
Tennessee Tombigee Waterway
Photo ops
In West Point, MS we turned off the highway and followed the backroads for about 20 miles. I liked the remote feel of these roads, but they were rough and a lot of work to ride. We are seeing more farmland now.
Ace and Jo bumping along the backroads of Mississippi
Taking a break 
Cool old silo
Old Highway 25 - Love how remote this feels
Eventually we found our way back to civilization. We entered the town of Aberdeen where we stopped for lunch at a little deli May had found called Penny Lane.
Penny Lane Cafe 

Downtown Aberdeen
Coontail Road, though not as remote as the earlier roads, was still rough. Nice scenery, but I think everyone is getting a little sore from all the bumping along.
Coontail Road
The last leg was highway 50 into Amory. More harrowing traffic to end the day, but we all arrived unscathed. Lodging tonight is at Briarwood Inn.

56 miles
11.5 average
1470 ele gain


  1. I like the look of some of those back roads. Is the car scouting routes ahead of you or just meeting you for lunch and at the end of the day.

    1. May leaves an hour or so after us and tries to meet us on the road, then will often drive ahead to check out lodgling for the evening. On days where there are no services, she will often meet us on the road several times for water/food. It's a hard job hunting down services. We try to have lunch together when we can.

  2. Wow you've made quite some progress, and weather seems to be on your side. Traffic however will be everywhere. Continued safe journey!!!

    1. We've been lucky with the weather. Mostly tailwinds, and the showers seem to miss us for the most part. Very humid though, so we're wet any ways. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Please. Food doesn't last long amongst hungry cyclists!
      I'll try to show a little restraint and get more food shots. :)

  4. How are the temps and dewpoints? Back roads in places that don't get much bike traffic are terrifying. City streets that don't get much bike traffic are just as terrifying! Safe as you go!

    Nice looking deli, too.

  5. Argh! I lost my comment! I hate that!! :)
    Per the weather/internet:
    86 Heat index
    71 dew point
    70% humidity

    Roger's bike computer had the temp at 79F earlier when we were riding.
    Most towns are not bike or pedestrian friendly. Often no sidewalks. I wouldn't like to live where it would be so difficult to walk someplace.