Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crump to Parsons TN

May 19

The word for today is hills. Lots of little hills. Up and down, repeat. I'm terrible at climbing hills, but I like them anyway. Especially if they aren't too long. The scenery once again was pleasant, but not spectacular. The route was nice. The weather comfortably warm.

Much of our route was the Adventure cycling, underground railroad route. We were going to veer off of it, but our motel ended up closer to the established route. We are a few miles out of Parsons.

We were attached by a pack of dogs - about 10. They weren't vicious, but they are a hazard for bikes, running in front of wheels and creating an unsafe situation. Ace spoke with one of the men at the location who said these were his in-laws dogs. His dogs are  down the road and they won't come out of the yard, and indeed his dogs stayed in their yard and just barked a few times.

Tonight we are in a cute little motel outside the town of Parsons. It's an independent motel, and we can tell by the good condition of the rooms and the grounds that they care about their business. Laundry was done at a laundromat in Parsons, also very clean and kept up. Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant where there was a buffet that even had some sushi. There you have it, and good place to sleep, clean clothes, and full tummies.

47 miles     |     2090 ele. gain     |     10.8 avg

One of the locals checking us out
Rolling hills 
This house was pretty large, must have been nice at one time.
Jo entering Saltillo
Saltillo. Not much happening here

Stuffed baked potato 
Potato break at Willie's One Stop Bait shop in Saltillo
Pretty view
Not sure if this counts as a barn quilt.  
They really know how to decorate their cemeteries.
The flowers have been going on for a week or so now.
I guess for memorial day?

This guy was big and not about to be put off by a few bikers.
We left him alone
Another water crossing. I can't remember the name of the river,
but the Tennesse river is straight ahead.


  1. That's one gnarly looking turtle, I would have left it alone as well.....btw, attached or attacked by dogs? ;)

    1. Attacked. Though sometimes attached might work. It's all a fun game with some of them.

  2. You're just motoring right along.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post these up. I am really enjoying the tour.

    1. Thanks Brandy, btw we hit 1000 miles today - woohoo! :)

  3. Hmmm, lunch at a bait shop… Budget running low? ;-)

  4. Never underestimate a bait shop. Those potatos were delish! :)