Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 7: To Tallahassee

Once again we had spectacular weather and near perfect riding conditions. How long can this go on? Tallahassee wasn't that far away, but of course we took the long way 'round. Choosing scenery and quiet roads over quick and busy. It was a good decision. Last night we stayed with a "warm showers" host. Two ladies who had a nice little farm outside of Monticello.

Maria and Diana were very friendly, down to earth ladies who had a houseful of Chihuahua rescues and one pitbull mix, cats, and chickens. They used to keep goats and horses as well, and even had an alligator in their pond, though he met an untimely end when he ate their ducks. (This little story ended any thoughts that Maria and Diana were of the PETA variety of animal lovers!) Stories. They had lots of stories.

Maria is preparing to go on her own little trip later this May. She has a HD 883 (bored to 1200) that she wants to ride following the Southern Tier bicycle route to San Diego. Her bike has "training wheels", that is three wheels in back, as she has some balance issues. I wish her well on her trip.

Maria. Sorry no pic of the Harley. My bad.
Our route today took us back through Monticello heading southwest on several different backroads. We passed through Wacissa and other small communities and ended up in Woodville, where we stopped for lunch at Subway.
Ace and Jo
The final leg of the journey was by an off road bike path, St Marks Historic Railroad Trail. Nice way to enter the city of Tallahassee. Unfortunately we had to return to the busy streets of the city to find our motel for the evening. Some hair-raising riding, and some hills (Florida Mountains according to one local), but we all made it unscathed. Tomorrow is a rest day.
St Marks Historic Railroad Trail
We've concluded that perfect ride conditions mean there is less to write about.
Will add more pics when I get some copies from Roger.
50 miles


  1. Good pics and good weather, gotta love it. Am in Michigan today and we're having rain....and I'll be following that rain next couple of days....oh well. Re the recumbent bikes, I've seen them in Colorado but fear they're not very visible to cagers.....any thoughts to perhaps those small orange pennants we used to use on our bikes as kids?

  2. Thanks Dom. I asked Ace and Jo about the recumbents and they concur, they do seem harder to see. They don't sit as high up. We have several 'bent' riders. Some use the flags, others have used reflective triangles. They often wear bright jerseys, but those get covered up by their seat backs.