Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 8: Rest Day in Tallahassee

We took a rest day today in Tallahassee, to do any bike maintenance, run some errands, and just relax. Jo, May, and I walked downtown to the post office looking for boxes to mail back some unused items. Along the way we ran into hundreds of police officers, most in dress uniform. We had stumbled on an annual event to honor Police lost in the line of duty for the past year. The event was mostly over, but I did get a couple of pics on our walk back to the motel.

The afternoon was spent at a large shopping mall, window shopping, picking up a few supplies, and treating ourselves to Cinnabons and Starbucks. Must get back on the bikes!

No mileage.


  1. A lovely way to spend your rest day. I think you earned those Cinnabons!!

  2. Remember, it's 35.2 miles/Cinnabun (with nuts) on a bicycle… ;-)

  3. it's cool when you stumble on events isn't it? I blundered into Cork's Jazz Festival decades ago while wandering through Ireland on leave. it was great.

  4. Thanks Brandy and Richard
    That's the trouble with bicycling. We think we've earned Cinnabons but we've really only earned half of an Oreo.

  5. Hi Dom
    Yes it is. I wish we had stumbled across this one sooner. They were just finishing up, but it looked pretty grand.