Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 9: Tallahassee to Sneads Florida

It was time to get back on the road today. We had about 48 miles to ride today. Mileage from the motel to the actual route would add a few miles as well.

The first challenge of the day was to get over the "Florida Mountains" and through downtown Tallahassee, both of which occur in the same location. The mountains topped out at an 11% grade on downtown streets. Traffic wasn't too bad, but the climbing was slow, and stoplights along the way created an extra challenge for the recumbents, which can be tricky to start on a hill.

We made it through downtown to the campus of Florida State University. It looks to be a lovely campus. We stopped for a few pics and an opportunity to regroup. We rode passed their beautiful brick stadium, a large, beautiful piece of architecture. I didn't get a picture as we were pressed to get out of the city, but it is an impressive building.
Kari in downtown Tallahassee (Florida Mountains). 11% grade.
Photo by Roger Gaither
Little shop near FSU campus
Kari (bluekat), Ace, and Jo at the gate to FSU. Photo courtesy of Roger Gaither
We crossed into the outskirts of the city into what I fondly call "strip mall hell." The riding wasn't terrible, there was a shoulder, but it's boring, goes on forever, and rather stressful after a while. Once we cleared the city Roger decided it was time for second breakfast. We stopped at a local Waffle House for, what else, waffles. And orange juice and coffee. Once refreshed we were on our way to pleasant backroads.
Scenic driveway :)
We are beginning to encounter hills. Not terribly big or steep, but none the less, the topography is changing.
Ace summiting a hill
Jo and Kari. Photo by Roger Gaither
Lunch was in the town of Quincy, once again, at Subway. As we were gathering to leave Quincy we heard a loud crash and looked up to see a truck and a car made contact. I'm not sure who ran into who. There was a pedestrian in the road, and that may have been the cause, but I didn't see the moments that lead up to the crash. We pedaled on as we hadn't really witnessed what occurred.

The second thing that happened in Quincy was a missed turn. We didn't see our turn and continued along a road that soon dropped into the biggest hill I think we've encountered in Florida. It was a steep, fast descent and then a slightly less steep incline that ended in an T-intersection. Two of the streets were dead ends. One returned to highway 90. We pondered the hill we would have to climb to return to our missed turn and decided the highway didn't seem all that bad. Both would get us to Sneads. Highway it is.

Highway 90 was pretty low traffic. Pavement was smooth and most likely the hills were graded and easy to ride.

Somewhere along the way we saw a spectacular sundog and we had to stop and snaps some photos.
Roger's Sundog. 
We passed through Chattahoochee and had to take the opportunity to ride a few blocks off route and cross into Georgia, just to say we rode in Georgia. And yes, we rode over that hill and a little ways in to Georgia ... turned around at the next big hill.
In Georgia with Jo and Ace. Photo by Roger Gaither
We crossed the Apalachicola River and snapped a few pics of the dam from the bridge - a scene you can't get from your car.
Roger taking photos of the Apalachicola River and dam 
Jim Woodruff Dam
Home of the Chattahoochee Red Birds! Photo by Roger Gaither
We soon arrived at our destination, Seminole Lake Inn on the outskirts of Snead. Everyone seemed to have a big appetite, so dinner was Pizza Hut pizza followed with Crispy Creme donuts.

52 miles
a few hills


  1. So green and peaceful. Thank you for not including pictures of the hectic traffic, texting drivers and speeding trucks...

    Is the prevailing wind generally east to west?

  2. So far we've often had the winds at our backs, or close to it. In general people think the winds blow more from the west, but so far we've been lucky. No time for pics in traffic! Roger saw a lot of texting drivers though. I didn't look.