Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Demopolis to Aliceville - 5/13/15

May 13
Demopolis to Aliceville

Our departure from Demopolis was by the same rough road that we ended on. We only had a short way to go on this road before turning onto quiet neighborhood streets to wind our way through town to our route. 

We spent the first part of the day on 43. It was busier than yesterday, but had a decent shoulder either wide with a rumble strip, or narrower but no rumble strip. Either case worked well for cyclist and motorist. Sadly, this didn’t last. The road lost all of it’s shoulder, and traffic would increase as the day wore on. There were a lot of trucks going in both directions, and at times we all met on the road at the same place. We stayed together as a group in this section and we took several breaks, just to de-stress somewhat.

Lunch was in Eutaw at the only eatery we could find, a Churches fast food franchise. Deep fried chicken sandwich with fries and a drink. Leaving Eutaw we passed a number of large, white houses/estates that were quite lovely. Unfortunately the lack of shoulder made stopping for pics a risk. Once past Eutaw we lost most of the traffic with only a few trucks, well spread out so that there was room to pass. We still had no shoulder, but the riding was much better. 

We passed a funny little park full of hay rolls and assorted bits of materials made into characters. I didn’t stop for good photos, but Roger and Jo stopped and took the tour. 

May found us rooms at a motel in Aliceville. We had heard rumors that it wasn’t nice, but we found it reasonable, and similar to other places we had been staying. Weather today was sunny and warm, and only a little too warm toward the end of the ride. Dinner was at Jacks as it was the only place in town. 
Funny little park
Flowering tree found along the way
Ornate Gate
Lovely southern home

55 miles
1200 ele ft

11.5 average


  1. Almost half way across Alabama! How is it riding just about every day and always heading west (i.e. passing through towns knowing you won't be back)?

    1. Hi Richard,
      It makes you stop and think...make sure to check out everything you want, because it might be the last opportunity. Many of the small towns are practically ghost towns. It's sad to see.
      Today (Thursday/14) we entered Mississippi.

  2. Enjoying reading your blog everyday and also keeping up on FB. It's a nice end to my day being able to see where you have been that day!

    1. Thanks Debi :)
      I'm trying to post each day, sometimes the lack of wifi gets in the way.

  3. I think the traffic is what would really scare me.

    You are making good progress!!

  4. Thanks Brandy,
    I think I'm developing nerves of steel. I wonder if that will be useful? :)