Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eminence to Houston MO

May 28

Yay, finally have reliable wifi and cell service. (You may have noted the mass posting.)

Yesterday was probably the toughest riding day so far. For me obviously not as I didn't ride most of it, but it was grueling. Today we still have hills to climb, but it looks like they might be mellowing out just a little.

Our start this morning we had rode only about 3 miles and had climbed three hills with 14% grades in that time. Delightful!

We stopped at a little place called Alley Springs. A lovely little historical spot where there is a spring, and an old flour mill (museum) that you can tour. It's a lovely setting and it's interesting to see the old equipment inside the mill. I didn't take many interior pics as it was quite dark inside.

We stopped in Summerville for lunch at their city park. While there we witnessed what may have been a trucker getting fired. There were two guys at an office across the street yelling and cussing at one another. Eventually one guy went to a truck parked nearby and began removing his personal belongings, which he gathered up and walked away. Later Roger would spot him sitting alone at an abandoned restaurant, perhaps awaiting a ride. Don't know much more than that, but it was a sad scene.

I had a worrisome moment when I dropped my camera today. Afterwords the lens wouldn't work. I removed and reattached it, got an error message, fussed with it a little more, then gave up and went to put the lens cap on when I felt something "give".  After that it worked fine! I'm very happy that it seems to be okay.

The hills have mellowed some, shorter and not quite so steep, but still plentiful. Traffic is bad. There are trucks and just general bad behavior by many drivers with speeding and passing too close. Jo and I eventually call it quits and ride the last 10 miles in the car. Roger and Ace rallied on.
Finally captured a Cardinal pic

Our backyard at our cabin last night. Jack's Fork River

Alley Springs and Mill
Mill machines

Trail around millpond/spring

Alley Springs Mill


  1. Replies
    1. :) I didn't even know there was a Texas county!

  2. I love the mill photos. What kind of wheel was the water powering? I hope things are better after the dog incident.

    1. I didn't see the wheel. I'm not sure it has one anymore. All is better after the dog. I have a nice bruise that is getting more colorful everyday, but no pain, and no problem pedaling the bike.

  3. Hopefully the camera remains OK......I too liked the mill pictures, that old machinery and its history....

    1. Camera still seems to be fine, for which I'm quite thankful. :)

  4. Riding on roads without shoulder with trucks overtaking can be nerve wrecking. It scares the heck out of me. A wise decision to ride in the car.

    1. Yep, live to ride another day...on a better road!