Monday, May 25, 2015

Fredericktown to Johnson's Shut-ins

May 25
Due to weather concerns we decided to leave Fredericktown later in the morning. Roger, May, and I partook of the motel’s continental breakfast and were entertained by a nice older Indian man who told us he was a former owner of the motel. He was well-spoken and told us his life story of growing up in India which was later divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh. He was quite interesting. He came to America, went to school to become an engineer and worked at various jobs, but not engineering.

We left our motel around 10 am. The road was narrow and hilly, but traffic wasn’t too bad to begin with. It did pick up later on and became quite busy with holiday traffic heading home from the weekend.

We stopped for lunch at Baylee and Joes in Ironton. It was a crowded, cluttered restaurant that was difficult to maneuver in. The poor waitress dumped a coke on herself and her and Ace’s shoes. Fortunately no one was too wet from the incident.

Up to road just a short ways we joined with the official Trans-am route, the bicentennial bike route that was originally started in 1976. We turned onto the highway and immediately found our old friend, the rumble strip. Roger pondered what Missouri’s road department were thinking in adding rumble strips to a major bicycle route. Road departments seem very enamored to rumble strips these days.

There was a good stream of traffic today, with many holiday campers leaving the area. Most were going the opposite way, but we had the day trippers, and some kids that had less than stellar judgement in the driving choices. It was a pretty road, but between rumble strips and some drivers, it was quite stressful.

One dog incident with a group of loose dogs, but we survived that encounter unscathed.

We have a cute little cabin at Johnson’s Shut-ins State park. It has a living area and a bedroom, with showers and bathroom just a few steps away. Dinner was salad, Mac and cheese, and fresh fruit, veggies, and anything else we could lay our hands on. The evening was spent watching fireflies and listening to the frogs sing their evening songs. No rain until late at night when of course I had to make a bathroom run.
Rolling hills
Scenic river that we crossed
Really couldn't figure this one out. Rapunzel's place?
Ace, Kari, and jo next to the Trans-America bike route sign.
This is the original bike route that was started in 1976.
Our cabin for the next two nights

Evening view from the deck 
Pond directly behind our cabin. 
Ace on deck
Another pond view.


  1. Shut-ins, funny name for a park. That unknown purpose tower was eye-catching....ever find out what it was for?

  2. I think so too. We never did find out what the tower was. It didn't seem to be public property or a golf course or anything like that. Very odd. Perhaps someone just want a castle tower in their yard.