Friday, May 29, 2015

Houston to Marshfield

May 29

We are slowly getting past the worst of the Missouri hills. Weather has been iffy, overcast with threats of rain and thunderstorms. Today we ferried the bikes outside of Marshfield. Jo and Ace went first, then Roger and I. When Roger and I started we felt raindrops, but just as quickly they stopped. Other than a drop here and there we remained dry.

We still had a few big, steep grades to climb. One long one I had to get off and walk for a ways. My legs were jello. But I'm doing okay with long grades under 10%. The short ones are okay too.

We stopped for lunch in Hartville. Roger and I were looking for coffee when we found Jo and Ace at a Subway. We filed in and ordered lunch. By a stroke of luck this Subway had flavored coffee that was fresh and hot. Nice! This isn't the norm with Subways that I'm familiar with. While we were eating the skies opened up and dumped buckets, literally, of rain down on the little town of Hartville. May joined us soon after and she too had driven through some nasty rain storms. We idled away our lunch hour, knowing that sooner of later it would stop, and it did.

Jo and Ace had decided to load the bikes up and get a ride to Marshfield. Roger and I wanted to finish the ride. I've rode in the car for the last two days, for at least parts of the day, so I really wanted a full days ride, even though my legs are noodles.

We were concerned we would get caught in a downpour, but we had no more than one brief sprinkle that was more refreshing than anything else. The rest of the ride was on somewhat gentler hills, though still long and numerous. Traffic was light and courteous in passing. All and all a delightful bit of riding for the day.

We are in Marshfield tonight, amidst thunderstorms, and flood warnings, but we are snug in our rooms and it sounds like the worst of the rain will pass in the night.

50 miles
2828 elev. gain
11.5 average -  how the heck did that happen!
See that hill in the distance? The road goes there...with a big dip in between. 
Little stream we crossed.
There are some local Amish in this area.
We bought some strawberries from one woman and her daughter. 
Pretty little horses. 

One was brave enough to take a little treat from Roger.


  1. good on you for persevering and getting a full day's bicycling in! Of course, this is from a guy who prefers engines do all the work.....

  2. Nice average for a relaxed, laid back tour! Hills were inevitable. Consider it training for Colorado...

    1. Yes. But I'm beginning to appreciate "flat" Kansas more and more!

  3. What a lovely road, and bonus: no traffic!