Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jackson to Fredericktown MO

Because we are still on that 5-lane highway from hell that we rode in on yesterday we opted to get up early and get outa dodge. It was a good decision. Traffic was much calmer, and lighter. The word for today is hills. Lotsa hills. over and over and over again. Over 2300 ft of climbing today. A lot of little hills and a few long climbs, often at 6-7 percent grades. The legs got a work out today. 

There weren't many places to stop today, but we did find one convenience store/gas station where we picked up a few snacks and just hung out for a bit, then back to the hills. As the day wore on the wind picked up and became quite gusty at times. It's cooling effects were welcome as the temperature had climbed a bit as well, but it was also tough to battle against while riding. Still, we prevailed.

We stopped for lunch in Fredericktown. A local place May had scouted out. She joined us as well. Soup, salad and dessert bar. There was a little girl there with her family who I know had been through chemo. Her hair was growing back in and had that soft, texture that I know so well. It made me sad, and made me realize how much I miss Rachel, but I hope for this little girl the outcome will be better. She and her family looked to be having an enjoyable day. 

We were only a mile or so from our motel. Thunderstorms had been predicted, and rain, but they didn't show up while we were on the road. We've had some thunder tonight, be so far no storms. Roger lubed the bike chains tonight. Tomorrow we ride to Johnson's shut in State Park where we will spend the next two nights, taking a much needed rest day. Food shopping tonight, so stock up on supplies. We might not have wifi/cell service for a couple of days. 

44 miles
2300 ele gain (est)

Camera Wars 
Niswonger church and cemetery
Just a some trees
One of those rural barn scenes
Not clover. I don't know what they are. 
Hills and curves. 

Wallabies - who'd have thought?

Requisite floral scene


  1. Good pics all, but number 3 was very good.

  2. Still successful dodging the rain. Good for you!

  3. Enjoy your rest days. It sound as though you really need it after the 5-lane highway.

  4. The only good thing about uphills is that they are usually followed by some down hill. Though the down always seems to be less than the up...

    I'm really liking the small road/town photos.