Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Johnsons Shut-ins to Eminence

May 27

Nice thunderstorm overnight. Roger and May slept out on the covered deck, but stayed dry. Jo's sleeping bag, on the other hand was wet from rain that blew in through the window. Go figure. Rain in the morning, but we delayed leaving until after it stopped. 

Highway N was hilly and had trucks. It's just not a good road for riding in it's current condition. Today we are really into the hills, and will be until we get to Kansas. 

A few miles before the town of Centerville I had a dog incident. A fully intact, male German shepherd (mix?) came after me and managed to get a bite out of my leg. It was just a graze, but the bigger worry was infection and/or rabies. The woman at the house called the dog in. We told her what had happened but she didn't want to take responsibility for her pet. She went in the house, but Ace knocked on the door until she came out again. Roger and I took photos of the address, car licenses that were in the driveway, the house and a business across the road for identification purposes. We added a little neosporin to my injuries, but I was well able to ride, so we continued on.

The county sheriff was in Centerville, so we stopped to file a report. An EMT  there directed me to the nearest ER where they could best clean the wound, so after the sheriff, and the woman from the health dept. took our report. May drove me to the nearest ER. Dr. Christmas was the ER doctor on duty. Interesting fellow. He was from New Zealand, had a military background, and was rather quiet, but didn't mince words. I rather liked him. I had a tetanus shot, as I don't recall my last one. He didn't recommend antibiotics unless I showed signs of infection and he promised to send a scrip forward, if I should need one down the road. He also quietly stated he's a cyclist and showed us his recommended dog deterrent, a military/police style telescoping night stick, and a squirt bottle with ammonia. I might have to look those up! 

I could have still rode, but was feeling pretty shaken by this time, so opted to ride in the car for the day. The woman from the health dept. contacted me to let me know they will be quarantining the dog to watch for rabies and will let us know the result. Fun times. 


  1. Riding in the car was a strong choice. Good on you for making it.

  2. This was bound to happen at one point. It's not the dogs, it's their irresponsible owners, alas you don't need a "driver's licence" for having pets or kids for that matter... I hope all will be well!

    1. Couldn't agree more Sonja. Well said.

  3. Totally agree Sonja. We had one nice dog get run over, and a couple of other close calls. Most of the dogs aren't vicious, they're just doing what dogs do, but sometimes they or us get hurt.

  4. Yikes, hope your leg is feeling better.

    I hope the Sheriff cited the owner for a dog at large too. Not that they'll learn.

    Just glad you are okay and it was just a graze. Still scary.

  5. The leg is doing fine, just a big bruise now.