Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kentucky Wonder: Paris TN to Mayfield KY

May 21

Another great day of riding. May had a chance to visit a quilt show before heading out of Paris. She said it was a nice show in a nice old house. The weather is unseasonably cold today. A local at the quilt show told May they call it "Blackberry Winter", when the weather turns cold and the blackberry bushes are in bloom. I thought that was a lovely name for it.

Jo, Ace, Roger, and I bundled up against the cold and rode out of Paris. The road today had no shoulder, but traffic was light and the riding pleasant. We were riding through farm country. Mostly wheat fields and corn. The landscape and the weather reminded me of Oregon. We had some wind today and it could get pretty strong in the open areas. Good practice for  Kansas. :)

We had a nice lunch at a little restaurant. A nice surprise. I didn't think we would find any services along today's route.

May put together a wonderful meal of bbq shredded chicken on buns, green salad and cantaloupe. Have I mentioned that the cantaloupe here is wonderful?
Jo and Roger
Barn quilt 
Wheat fields
Ace and Roger
Welcome to Kentucky. Jo, Ace, and Kari
and Roger
Artsy fartsy stuff. Cool old building where we stopped for a bit.

Just another road shot 
Bagel time 
44 miles


  1. There's weather coming your careful.

  2. Lovely pictures from the road Kari.