Saturday, May 30, 2015


Sick of Missouri hills. 
Up. Down. Repeat a kazillion times.
I have nothing more to say about Missouri. 

Hills today. Lots of 'em. Roger met a group of 4 riders traveling our route. I wasn't there at the time, but did get a chance to say hello when they caught and passed our group. They were all much younger - in their twenties probably, and riding together at the moment. They all started from different locales, and will finish in different locations. 

We stopped in Walnut Grove for lunch and a man there gave us directions for an easier, less hilly route. We're always skeptical of advice from non-riders. They mean well, but they just don't realize how to judge hills. It seemed like well detailed advice, so it was decided to give it a try. After lunch, and 37 miles of riding, I decided I was done for the day. Ace and I elected to ride in the car to our lodging for the night. Jo and Roger rallied on to finish the ride. 

We are staying the night at Running Spring Farm. It is/was a pheasant hunting lodge, but the owner has retired and now runs the lodge kind of like a hostel. We are the only ones here for tonight. Lot’s of room, a kitchen. One and a half miles out of Everton, but well worth it. 

Tomorrow we will be in Kansas … Thank Goodness!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh on Missouri. :)
 38 miles
Missouri Hills
Ace and Roger
Finally some sweeping views
What's this? More hills?
Our home for the night
The lodge, non-descript on the outside...
...but pretty nice on the inside.


  1. I bet you were if only I had my motorcycle with me..... :)

    1. I've only thought that ... just a few times ;)

  2. I knew there must've been a good reason to avoid Missouri! I really like your photo of the road and hills. The one with the "More hills?" caption. Upon seeing that I would've had a hard time stopping for a photo and lose whatever momentum I had (mental as well as physical).

    1. I don't stop at high speeds. :)
      I was just crawling to the top of the last one.