Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Parsons to Paris

May 20

Only one pic today. My computer hit 999.99. We’ve finished our first 1000. The computer only goes to 999, so back to zero it went.

Todays ride was pretty good. We were on the main highway with good shoulders, so traffic wasn’t a problem, just noisy. There wasn’t much scenery worth shooting, but the hills were gently graded and despite a little more climbing and mileage than yesterday, it felt like an easier day.

Just short of our destination Roger and I were caught in a rain storm. We were soaked, but it was a warm rain. Jo and Ace were back a ways from us and also got caught in the rain. They managed to duck in under the eaves of someone’s house.

Tonight we are in Paris TN. Dinner was at the steak house next door, which had so much food that even us cyclist’s could’t eat it all.

A shorter day tomorrow, we’ll stay up late, watch movies and sleep late in the morning. How sweet is that!

53 miles


  1. This is such a great trip that you're on. Getting to see all of the places that others just breeze on by. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Congrats on riding 1000 miles. Does that make it 1/3 complete?

  3. steak.....mmmmmm

    congrats on the first thousand....