Monday, May 18, 2015

Shiloh National Military Park / Pickwick to Crump

Today was a very short riding day so that we could take some time and visit Shiloh National Military Park. The morning started with rain. We waited for a while hoping it would quite. It was pretty light rain and so finally we just decided to launch. It's warm enough we don't bother with rain gear. Just let the rain fall. It feels good.

Traffic heavier near town, but thinned the farther out we rode. We still had some traffic, trucks and otherwise, but mostly I found the riding okay. The land is changing. The swamps are gone and we are into rolling hill country.
Abandoned building along the road. These are very common.

Another one cross the street.  
About 16 mile in, we made it to Shiloh. It's a big park with a lot to see. We first went to the visitor center where we talked bikes with a couple from Seattle before heading into the building to view some of the displays and to watch a video about the battle. The video gave a nice overview of the battle at Shiloh. I know I studied the civil war in school, but I've forgotten all but the most common details. The battle at Shiloh was grueling. nearly 110,000 troops with 23,746 casualties.

Next we visited the National Cemetery.  The headstones went on and on over the hills and out to an overlook of the Tennessee River.
Cemetery entrance

Tennessee river in background
I'm no videographer, but I made a short video with the phone. If you listen you will hear the hum of Cicadas in the background. We've been hearing this for several days, since Tishomingo. I like that we are here when the cicadas are out.

Cicada. Love their little red eyes.
Ace and Jo left early to head to our next destination. Roger and I wanted to stay and tour a little bit of the park itself. May also did a driving tour separate from us. Our intent was to do one loop section then head out, but the map we had was not very good and markings on the roads were confusing. Yeah, we were lost a couple of times and ended up meandering about 8 miles. It was interesting though, to be in the actual spot and imagine what it had been like all those years ago. We didn't get a lot of photos, because we were so intent on how the heck to get back out of this maze.

Jones Field

We did finally find our exit and rode about 5 more miles into town and to our motel. A good day. The rain was mostly a non-issue and most of the day was dry. I enjoyed the visit to the park.

Sorry Dom, no food porn again. I had a hamburger and onion rings, but it was after 3:00 before we had lunch. Needless to say photography was the last thing on my mind at that moment.

32.5 miles
11 mph/average
1053 ele. gain


  1. I like the sound of the cicadas in the video. Though there sounds like there are millions of them ready to swarm you kind of like Hitchcock's birds...

  2. No sweat re no food porn Bluekat....I can well understand what hunger is like that late in the day. As to the Cicadas' red eyes....freaky.