Friday, May 8, 2015

Sweet Home Alabama - A New State! 5/8/15

Tough day today. The highway leaving Florida was full of road construction. The problem is portions have a beautiful shoulder, but other portions have been roughened by machine and are unrideable, forcing us into traffic. And traffic was heavy with people in too much of a hurry, dump trucks hauling too and from construction, and the usual hodge podge of decent drivers and big trucks. It was not fun.

In Florala, on the border with Florida/Alabama we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant. It was the local hang out and food was good. They had a nice looking buffet, but we chose hamburgers, foregoing a heavier meal.

Our planned route had a detour around a bridge that was out. May did some recon, and asked around to discover a route around the bridge out, and that we could ride as planned with a minor detour of our own devising. The detour was a pleasant road, and because the main traffic was detoured over to another highway, we didn't have much traffic to contend with.

More dog encounters today. Apparently Alabama doesn't believe in leash laws.

Our destination for the evening is with warm Shower's hosts, Guy and Pam Wyche. They have a lovely home with room for all of us, and kept us well fed with snacks after the ride, a delicious dinner, and nice breakfast the next morning. They ride a tandem, and Guy also rides a single bike. He is having a hard time finding riding partners in his area that aren't racers, but does have one riding buddy.

Not many pics today, the ride was too crazy.
Ace on that wonderful Florida shoulder. 
Jo and more crap shoulder
Roger, Jo, and Ace taking a break in the shade.

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