Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tishomingo State Park - Pickwick Landing.

May 17

Short day today. Mostly rolling hills. We had a nice tailwind, overcast skies. Jo and Ace were ahead of Roger and I and they had rain, but we stayed dry. All day today we heard the Cicada's humming in the trees.

Roger ferried the bikes on the car out to the front of the park. We were several miles in, and it wasn’t part of the planned route. So, not cheating to carry them out. Jo and Ace went first, then Roger and I. All and all an uneventful, but pleasant ride along hwy 25. Few pics today.
More of the Tennessee-Tombigee Waterway 
Some bike porn

We stopped in Iuka for a second breakfast at McDonalds. McDonalds have redeemed themselves in my eyes with cinnamon melts. 490 calories of sticky, buttery scrumptiousness.
Food porn for Dom. Sorry the quesodillo at lunch
disappeared before the camera could appear
We crossed the border into Tennessee, but the sign was inaccessible to use for a photo op, so a quick snap was all we got. The traffic picked up at the border crossing as we were near the water and it’s a recreational area (Pickwick State Park).
Tennessee Border
May called and said she, Jo and Ace were at a Mexican restaurant up ahead and to meet them there for lunch, which we did. Just as we arrived at the restaurant, Roger realized is fanny pack was open. He checked for missing items and discovered his new glasses were gone. Probably flattened on the road back there somewhere. I only had a simple quesadilla for lunch as I hadn’t recovered from second breakfast yet. Good food and a very nice young waiter who was amazed at our biking story.

Lodging tonight is at a rather posh Hampton Inn. Posh being pricey, but that’s what you get in a resort area. Roger and May took the car to see if by chance they might find his glasses, and to research our next day's ride. While they were gone, I went for a little walk behind the motel. Nothing spectacular like yesterday, but a nice way to stretch the legs for a bit. Dinner was in our rooms from the ice chests.

33.4 miles
13.1 average
1362 ele. gain
82F avg. temp
Little pathway behind the motel
Funny little underground shelter, a storm shelter perhaps?
Interesting flora


  1. nice contrasting greens in the last photo.

  2. Nice bike! Looks more race than tour. I like all of the discoveries on these back roads and out of tge way places. Is this about 1/4 of the way?

    1. It's an endurance bike - a race bike with slightly relaxed, geometry. We aren't carrying our gear, so no need for a full on touring bike. My gearing isn't stock road bike gearing, but a mish-mash of road and mountain drive train. Yet I still could use even lower gears! :)

    2. We've gone over 900 miles so far, so yeah, probably about a 1/4 of the way. Wow - that's actually sort of amazing. I hadn't really been thinking about it! :D

    3. Thanks for the info. It just looks like so little rake in the fork plus the wheels are almost radial spokes. Plus no triple chainring. To me, it says fast racing bike ;-)

    4. Oh it's a triple all right, and we traded the 30 tooth granny for a 26. :)
      I don't understand how these straight forks work. This bike is a smoother ride than my old bike, but the old bike has more rake - or looks like it does.

  3. Food porn taken at McD, well that's a first ;-)

    1. True. but it really was worthy. I still want another one :)