Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chanute to Eureka

Once again Kansas is proving itself to be a great place to ride. We left Chanute with a wonderful tailwind on a quiet back country road. It’ felt remote and quiet, and thoroughly delightful. We turned onto a highway with a little more traffic, though certainly not enough to make travel stressful. there was a small shoulder, but drivers chose to pass in the other lane and to time their passes well. 

As we were riding along we spotted a locomotive off it’s tracks, laying in some muck and water. Very strange. Wonder what happened here? We took some pics, pondered  the possibilities, then moved on. Shortly we turned onto another quiet backroad that wound it’s way through farmland. We came to the little community of Coyville. I liked this little community. It was so far off the beaten path located on backroads, no major highway went through it. Pleasant. 
The other side of the tracks
The road behind. This hill reached double digits in it's grade. 
Kansas cows ...  you might be seeing a lot of these! 
We stopped to talk with a lovely elderly lady, who appeared quite vigorous and friendly, and her friend who often helped her with yard work. She was 83. She gave us the low down on the train - A county gravel truck had somehow caused the train crash. Later I learned it happened earlier this year in January. We talked bicycling with the woman as well. She often opens the community hall for bikers, when the weather is bad, so they have a dry place to stay, and a kitchen and bath to use. These are the great people you meet when you bicycle through a community. 

She recommended a couple of places to eat. One place called Lizard Lips and was right on our route. With a name like that we had to check it out. She had eaten there a few years ago, and remembered that it had buckets on the floor to catch roof leaks. Interesting.

We rode on through the town of Toronto, which appeared to be closed down and empty. There were kids, a school bus, obviously people lived here, but business wasn’t very good. On down the road we finally came to Lizard Lips, a rather shabby looking place on the outside. On the inside we found the famous buckets still in place. This place had character! We had a nice lunch of hamburgers and turkey/bacon wraps and the food was good.

While there we ran into a young man doing a cross country running trip to raise money to bring awareness to college tuitions for young people unable to afford college. He started in New York and was headed to California, San Diego I think. 
Lizard Lips Cafe. Buckets still there to catch the drips 

Lizard Lips 
We had a few more miles to get to Eureka, our evenings destination. The wind had picked up and at times we had a pretty strong sidewind that made for some alert riding to hold our line. The road was good, with a small shoulder and courteous drivers. We arrived at our Motel shortly thereafter. Dinner at the Copper Kettle, a little restaurant in town that has great home made food.
More of the road 
Kansas scenery
Flat Kansas ... except for those pesky hills!


  1. Didn't know that Kansas had hills...

  2. Sonja - It seems to be a well kept secret! :)