Friday, June 12, 2015

Eads to Ordway

June 12
61 miles

After a nice breakfast at the restaurant near the motel, we rolled out of Eads when Roger pointed the road sign that said: Ordway 61 miles. Wait a minute … Today was supposed to be 51 miles! Well, that’s okay because the weather reports said we’d have an east wind today (along with showers). 61 won’t be bad with a tail wind. 

Eastern Colorado is very empty. Emptier than Kansas I think. The view stretched out for miles in all directions with hardly a human element to be seen. Okay, I’m ready to see mountains, but I still love these expansive views. I want to breath them in with one big breath. 

There isn’t a lot to report. Ace and Jo will head back home from Pueblo this weekend. They rode with us a bit early in the ride, but for most of the ride it was just Roger and me. We were surrounded by showers all day long, but only once had a brief sprinkle of rain fall on us. We stopped at a bridge over an empty draw for a snack break. All was peaceful until two trucks, one from each direction descended upon us and met exactly on the bridge - our peaceful moment shattered. It’s some kind of unwritten law that says two trucks and two bikes on an empty road will always meet at the same point simultaneously. 

The other unwritten rule? Don’t believe weather reports about tailwinds. Our tailwind was in our face most of the day. 

In  Arlington I stopped for a rest room break. There is a little shack of an outhouse here. I peeked inside and it was a bit of a mess. There was a toilet seat, but it was broken and off to the side. Well, if I don’t actually sit down, it’ll work. The interesting thing is it was decorated with little wall decorations and would have been funky and cute but for the squalor. Still it served it’s purpose. 

In the meantime, Roger had struck up a conversation with a woman who lived across the street. She was a 4th generation rancher and owned all the land (and the town of Arlington) that surrounded us. Fun and interesting lady. She told us of a cafe up ahead in Sugar city.

When we arrived in Sugar City there was a woman working outside the cafe, but she said it was closed. :(  Roger and I found some benches by the post office and stopped there for a little break. We were only about 5 miles from Ordway. 

Leaving Sugar city there is a feedlot. No cattle that I could see, but we were being pelted by thousands of little bugs (gnats?). I’m not sure what they were, but they were nasty and thick. Sugar City isn’t a pleasant place. 

It was only a short time later we arrived in Ordway and found our hotel. It’s a historic building full of charm and unique. We have a room with a little deck that over looks the owner’s garden/yard, and a view of the prairie beyond town. 

Storm #1
Storm #2
Storm #3
The faithful Earendil
The view from our deck
View #2 
Hotel Ordway
Bike parking
Little Garden out back 
Room at Hotel Ordway


  1. Ordway looks like a nice little town. One of the real benefits of bicycle touring is seeing all of the small places like that. And, yes, I think that both are not just unwritten rules but Laws of nature. The tailwind is alway in your face and two vehicles always meet at the same location on the road as your bicycle. I saw that repeatedly in Baja. No other vehicles for miles but when you see one approaching, you see another in your rear view mirror. TIme to stop and pull off the road as the roads at the time were only about 1 1/2 truck widths wide...

    1. It's amazing how consistently true this is.

  2. Eastern CO is a bit of a wasteland. Last Chance type stops.

    As usual, great photos. Don't know how many of these places I'd stay in alone. Your wrap up will be interesting. I'd like to see a rating of these places, experiences. We might already know where the worst toilet is.

    1. Well, the worst toilet is better than no toilet. :)
      E. CO isn't terrible. I like the emptiness, the vast views, but I wouldn't want to live there or visit too often. I've enjoyed Kansas and E. Colorado. Missouri was the rough one.

  3. I didn't realize Eastern Colorado was so flat.

    How Ironic that Sugar City is named so sweet. The bugs sound horrible.

  4. The eastern plains of Colorado, aka High Desert Plains, can be quite boring at motorcycle speeds....looks like you see much more at bicycle speed.

    1. We have more time to look around ... MUCH more time to look around. :)