Thursday, June 4, 2015

El Dorado to Newton

Today we got back on route with our journey to Newton. It was a short day today, though a few more miles than it would have been from Cassoday. The first third of the ride was north with a great tailwind. No work to be done there! The last two-thirds of the ride were to the west with a crosswind. We had some concern that it would be a struggle, but in reality it wasn't too bad, and it was nice to feel a cool breeze as the day heated up.

Pleasant, if non-descript riding all day. We are seeing more little vegetable gardens beside people's homes. For some reason  in the south we didn't seem much gardening going on.

We met one friendly dog at a stop along the road. He didn't want to chase, just wanted to make friends and perhaps score a treat or two.

We arrived in Newton at around 12:30 and since Newton has a bike shop we thought we would see if we could get some work done on the bikes. Newton Bicycle shop was able to work on all the bikes this afternoon, which means our rest day in Hutchinson can be spent on other fun things. Nice!

We had lunch/pie at a local place called Bread Basket that was delicious. They were recommended by the bike shop. Then back to the motel to wait on the bikes. Once the bikes were ready, May drove us all back to the bike store. We rode the bikes back to the motel to be sure everything was working properly. Only one detour on the way back ... we stopped for ice cream of course!

43 miles
Mennonite Church 
Flowing wheat fields
More of those Kansas Cows
Friendly dog came out to say hello

That is one big silo
Pretty skies


  1. I am glad you found a friendly dog. He's cute too.

    I really like the contrast of blue sky and the fields. Pretty pictures.

    1. Thanks Brandy. Kansas dogs seem a lot friendlier and better behaved. Yay! :)

  2. No pesky hills to break up the wide open expanse (or to channel the wind).

    I wonder why gardens weren't common in the southeast? Any major repair items at the bike shop?

    1. Hi Richard, I wondered too, but don't have an answer. Repairs were a new chain and rear cassette, and a drivetrain cleaning.

  3. Great that you could have maintained all you bikes at once. Did you have to make an appointment ahead of your stay or did they take you in between?

    1. Hi Sonja, we called to see if they had room for us and they said they could get them done for us, which they did. At home we often have to leave our bikes at the shop for a day or two, but I think sometimes when you're traveling they try to accommodate you schedule.

  4. Dogs usually run out and try to bite the tires on my day, one will manage it and be surprised. Glad you found a friendly one that just watched you guys ride by.

  5. I've become an embittered meanie. I'm not too sympathetic to any dog that bites. If it gets a little surprise so be it! :)