Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eureka to Cassoday with a side of El Dorado

June 3

We left Eureka with a climb through the Flint Hills. Kansas is flat, well except for those few hills… Gentle grades, though a few were pretty long. A strong crosswind also hindered our forward motion, so that while it was a nice morning, we didn’t get very far very fast. I love the scenery - wide open spaces. 

Twenty miles out we came to the little town of Rosalia. We stopped at a small local cafe for a lunch of pretty good hamburgers. Chatted with a few local kids who came in to pick up food. A nice lunch with a little visiting with the locals

Back on the road we turned north and our crosswind became a nice tailwind pushing us down the road. The road was quieter too. Practically no traffic the whole way. We met one cross-country rider, an older man traveling solo, while his wife drove SAG. He was headed to the east coast. 

We came to the town of Cassoday to find there was no longer a hotel or camping. In fact, the hotel was not only closed, but torn down. We found a place to camp outside a convenience store, but it wasn’t ideal, so we opted to shuttle the bikes into El Dorado for lodging. We will reroute from there to Newton for tomorrow’s ride. 
Ripin' downhill
Love those expansive views
Ask me in 9 days if I still like these expansive views!

Love those no traffic roads. 
More views
School's out forever ... Cassoday High School
More expansive views ... you're gonna hate these soon.


  1. I always loved the views of the prairies in Alberta, however the Rocky Mountains were never fare off when I needed a change of view ;-)

    If I were a cyclist, I'd love the flat views - at least for a while.

    1. Sonja - It's always nice to have options close at hand for a change of scene. I'm still loving the flatlands, but we are getting more wind now :)
      It's always something.

  2. The only downside of the expansive views is seeing where you're going to be several hours down the road…

    From my vantage point, love the expansive views and the pano shots!

    1. Richard - or in the case of cyling, maybe DAYS! down the road :)

  3. Nice pano in the last shot, though I do prefer mountains in the background more!

    1. Dom - Our next mountains will be your Rockies. We will be anxiously awaiting their first view popping up on the far horizon.