Thursday, June 11, 2015

Horace to Eads Colorado

Last night after I posted, a storm blew in and we had a lovely sunset. Sadly in town it's hard to get a clear shot. Here's a pic of the grain elevator in the evening light.
Evening Light
Sunset in Horace KS
June 11
I was fretful about today. It was longer mileage, and I was afraid the wind would kick up. We ended up having a pretty good day. There was some headwinds on the last half of the ride, but we also had a nice tailwind for awhile as well.

Today was momentous for two reasons. One: we crossed the border into Colorado - WooHoo! A new state. Two: We reached another mileage milestone, 2000 miles. Previous to this I think my best mileage was 2000 in one year, and that was a heavy training year. I think I’m going to break that mileage record this year.

Food stop was at a convenience store in Sheridan Lake. More of a second breakfast than anything. After Sheridan Lake we had a nice tailwind and a bit of a downhill to get us quickly down the road. This made up for the uphill that came after, along with a turn into the wind.

We made it to Eads by noon. Not bad! I believe now we will have no downhills until the other side of Hoosier Pass at 11.000 ft. Wow!

56 miles
Kansas Morning 
Entering Colorado and reached 2000 miles on our trip.
Roger, Jo, and Kari
Colorful grasses.
Roger photobombed my grass pic. :)
Wide open Colorado
Edited to add:
Colorado has some strange clouds
(and a weird spot ... oh wait, forgot to clean the lens)
Official name: Mammatus clouds
They came, they went, they came back again,
all in the space of a few minutes.
Storm over Eads


  1. Congrats on the mileage though it does come at the cost of approaching some "hills". Those are some interesting clouds. Did they bring much rain of is this the normal afternoon buildup?

    1. We had a lot of rain overnight, according to Roger. I saw the lightening show, but I was asleep and dead to the world when the rain came down. puddles and mud and a leaking sunroof (and wet car interior) confirms it. :)
      I don't know if the clouds are normal or not. They were unusual to me

  2. Awesome. Congrats on riding 2k so far.

    Pretty light on those silos, but I think the clouds at the end stole the show.

    1. I loved the light that night. The light around here seems especially nice in the mornings/evenings.

  3. Fabulous clouds- one of my favorite formations. Great photos of them, too! Thanks for that!

    I thought you enjoy this link:

    1. Thanks for the link Martha. I'll give it a look. :)