Monday, June 8, 2015

Larned to Ness City

June 8

Today was a much better day than yesterday. We still had some long miles and some wind, but the wind speed was much reduced and easier to deal with. It still was a head/cross wind, but kept us cooler without pushing us back too much. The temperature also stayed a little cooler - in the 80s F.

I was feeling better today. Per advice from Roger I tried to drink more water and eat more food in small amounts and that seemed to help.

Currently the Ride Across Kansas is going on and we crossed paths with a few riders today. Eventually we turned north of their route, but I guess the little town of Larned will be hosting about 800 riders this evening.

We rode about 30 miles to the little community of Rush center. We were hoping to find a restaurant and we did, but she didn't do breakfast and only had coffee (and water for our bottles). We were welcome to sit at the tables, while Effie, the owner, was busy getting ready for the day. I learned later that Effie will be 91.

We all had plenty of food on board, so we could make it to Ness City on what we carried. We found a little rest area on the way. Unmarked on any map that I could see, it was a nice surprise. We stopped for a short break before continuing to our destination.

We all arrived in Ness City early in the afternoon. May had found us a motel, an interesting place that must have a bit of history, though it's shine has grown a little shabby over the years. It has an interior, covered courtyard with a pool and whirlpool and the rooms are laid out around this courtyard. Interesting.

We had a lunch/supper at a local deli. They have some fantastic cinnamon rolls and it was decided that we would have breakfast there, in order to partake of said cinnamon rolls. How's that for a plan.
64 miles
Grain Elevators. They loom everywhere on the horizon 
Old barn along highway 96
Stone fence posts at the rest area. These seem to be unique to Kansas.
Despite the leanings, the one I grabbed a hold of was quite solid in the ground. 
Rest area
Interesting building and graffiti on highway 96,
a few miles outside of Ness City
Selfie with flat Kansas in the background 
Derrick Inn Motel 
Inside courtyard and pool
Ness City
Ness City


  1. It is so easy to get dehydrated when riding into a head wind. I've seen those type of fence posts before and was amazed that someone would go through that much trouble.

    1. That was my thought, but I guess if you don't have wood for wooden posts...
      I'm having to constantly be vigilant about water and food. If I'm not nibbling on food every few miles, it all starts to catch up with me.

  2. Ness City looks like a deserted movie set...
    The hotel looks pretty vintage. I hope the beds were ok, though.

    1. It seemed less deserted than some. It had a few businesses. Not a lot of folks around in the afternoon. Too hot I suppose.

      Beds were okay. Funny but sometimes the shabbiest places will have the best of something - pillows, wifi, clean laundry. And someplace that should be nicer, will have worse. Wifi for some reason seems worse in better motels.

  3. That sure is some flat land. I haven't been to Kansas since I was a kid so I've forgotten a lot of it.

    My maternal grandmother was born in Moline, Kansas, her parents owned the mercantile.

    1. I'll have to look up Moline. My dad was raised in Kansas, but near the Nebraska border. Flat there too.

      Actually flat is the wrong word. It's flat, but tilted, as in up to Colorado. I think we may have climbed about 1000 ft today. :)