Friday, June 5, 2015

Newton to Hutchinson

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Nice day of riding, though it would eventually get a little too warm and we had a crosswind most of the day with a headwind at the very end. Nothing too bad.

We stopped in Hesston for a second breakfast at Daylight Donuts. It happened to be national donut day and they were doing a buy one get one free. How great is that! I had a glazed donut and a maple donut with coffee. Nice way to start the day.

We had a quiet road with no shoulder,  but the little traffic we could easily pass as you can see for miles most of the time, and most of the time nothing is coming in the other lane.

Outside of Hutchinson, old highway 61 (part of the trans-am route) comes to an end. There is a new, bigger highway to the west, but it is high-speed, high-volume. Old 61 continued as a path. We could see a cross street and Hutchinson up ahead, and figured if the path ended we could walk the short distance to the road. The path ended short of the road in a dirt patch with some construction equipment parked about, but nothing was running and no one was there except for one guy sitting in a bobcat tractor that wasn't running. He popped out of the trailer and said we couldn't come through here. Roger said we're coming through and we headed toward the road. The man threatened to call the police, and Roger invited him to do so and gave him his card. We continued 40 feet to the road.

From there we headed into Hutchinson on the new, busy, highway 61. At one point we heard a siren and Jo was sure they were coming for us, but it turned out to be an ambulance heading to the hospital nearby. Dodged a bullet there I guess!

43 miles
Flag repair.  
Buhler main street with big grain elevators in the background. 
Lunch at the Mustard Seed deli in Buhler
Old wagon yard ornament 
Old highway 61 becomes a path.
Not to be deterred...


  1. Good on you for pressing on instead of having to go around.

  2. Well, since nothing came of it I'm glad too. At the time I was picturing jail time in their local state pen. It did keep me pedaling a little faster to get out of the area. I guess you could call that motivated. :)