Monday, June 1, 2015

Pittsburg to Chanute

Totally pleasant day of riding. Few pics to show for it. No grades over 5% and those were a rarity. No mean dogs. It doesn’t leave much to write about. :)

We attempted to start early, but it was probably closer to 8 than 7 am when we headed down the road. The weather was cool today, partly to mostly cloudy, but dry. A nice tailwind most of the time. 

We stopped in the little town of Walnut and found a convenience store that sold hot food, hamburgers, chicken and the like. It was a nice surprise as we didn’t expect to find much food on this leg. Nice lady at the shop made us feel welcome. 

We made it to Chanute a little after 1 pm, early considering the mileage. Naps were taken. Roger and May took in a movie at the local theatre. Jo and I did some laundry. All the mundane stuff, but still a nice day

55 miles
Just a typical landscape
Nice, simple Lutheran church along the route. 
I'm not sure if this is an old gas station, or some kind of depot,
but I thought it was kind of interesting.


  1. That little building does look like a gas station. Very nicely kept up...

    And very flat.

    1. Richard, yes I think someone said it was a gas station. It was very small compared to the ones we have today.

  2. I think my legs are feeling weak just reading of all the miles you've ridden.

    Glad the terrain is easier for now.

  3. Ah, Flatlandia... the cyclist's paradise ;-)