Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pueblo Rest Day

June 14

Today was a rest day. No biking. We chilled out at the hotel, took a stroll along the historic river walk in downtown Pueblo, and had a less than mediocre lunch at one of the little restaurants. The clouds were spectacular, and when we got back to the hotel, those clouds dumped buckets on Pueblo with thunder and a little hail. Back on the road tomorrow.
Boat tour
Gondola style boat waiting for customers
Remnant from the past
One hungry goose ... and his fishy friends 
Spectacular cloud formations all around the city 
St Francis 
One of the water features along the walk.


  1. A nice river walk though there is little reason for over-priced, less than mediocre meals. (I assumed the over-price due to location). One rest day in 10?

  2. I know Pueblo has had a less than glamorous past and the present isn't so hot either, but I've read that they are trying to improve the city. Crime is a problem. What other thoughts do you have on the city?

  3. A break from riding... methinks that was well deserved. If not for good food you were at least spared the hail.

  4. Glad you were able to go for a walkabout on your rest day. Bummer your lunch was less than yummy.

  5. Richard: It was just a long wait for food that was left too long under the heat lamps, and had soggy/stale bread. We usually try to have rest days every 8-10 days. We try to have a nice location when we do. Sometimes it's just a long time/distance between nice areas. This week we had only 4 days between rest days, and we're taking 2 this time, while we visit with Roger and May's family.

    Martha, Pueblo seemed a little seedy and run down, but perhaps it was the areas we were in. The river walk was nice, but not as busy/bustling as it could be.